Come with me.
Speak with me.
The angel of my nightmare.
She talks to me.
She understands me.
My eternal goddess.
She loves me.
When I dream, she comes to me.
She protects me from myself.
She carries me over swamps.
She pulls me out of quicksand.
She climbs with me over mountains
In my long quest of subconscious self discovery
She loves me when no one else will.
This immortal woman is with me always
In my best moments, and my worst.
She is my internal beauty
My eternal flame
That lights my vision
When my despair darkens the day.
She paints my sky blue
When it looks like rain.
She is every girl I will ever know.
She laughs at me.
She cries with me.
My eternal goddess breaks my heart
And helps me mend it.
She knows when I need a hug.
She knows when I'm being stupid, single-minded, and arrogant
And she tells me.
We argue all the time, but with affection
We keep secrets, but end up telling them.
My angel and I. we do these things.
Sometimes she hurts me.
Sometimes she frustrates me.
But I'm never mad at her.
Because she is my angel.
She confides in me, she comforts me.
She keeps me breathing.
She keeps me seeing.
She keeps me alive.
She completes me.
Hello, angel of my nightmare.