Oro? Hello. This is my first story. It's mostly as wierd as I am. I hopes you like it. It based off an old manga I created long ago in last year. Like the comic, the story is filled with utter randomness and chaos. It's name, of course, is... Moshi-Moshi, Mushi Mushi! Deep in the forests of mythical Japan, there is a hotel of great curiosity. It holds the deep dark secrets of the spirit world, and is a place where elves, sprites, demons, and warriors dwell. But the greatest mystery of all, is a single, ordinary girl. Her name is one feared in house-holds across the world. Kemushi. Thethree spirits had been traveling for miles. Their journey had been long and ardurous. Actually, they had taken a taxi, but for the mother of the family, even a few steps was hard labor. Poch was usually content to laze around in the sun, or the shade, or whatever lighting happened to be in her area. She wasn't the type to worry about that, seeing as she had her eyes closed half the time anyway. Her two sons, Bip, and Rumble weren't concerned with the visibility of their area either. Bip's main concern was food, so if it was too dark to see his dinner, then there would be a problem. Rumble on the other hand was rarely satisfied. His favorite word was, "I'm bored!" Okay, so that's two words, but still.

Moving on.... Their travels had led them to the Mushi Mushi Ryokin, a hotel nestled deep in the mountain woodlands. The Ryokin was made of three buildings, built in traditional Japanese fashion. It was bordered by Sakura trees and the path was filled with sparkling white stones that glistened in the dappled sunlight of the forest. Wisteria and Honeysuckle grew along the path and around the house, filling the air with a sweet smell every spring. It was a beautiful place, really, and even Rumble was impressed by it.

"Knock on the door for me, would you, Bip, dear. Mummy's much too tired to do it," Poch told her child.

"Is there food in it for me?" he inquired, reaching for the knocker.

As soon as he had brought it down on the door, it swung open, revealing a perky looking girl with short red hair. She smiled wide and exclaimed, "O joy of joys! O rapturous rapture! A customer has arrived! Tentomushi, it is our first-" She stopped and stared at the three pudgey spirits, who looked like a cross between a wigglytuff and a rabbit, with their big round tails, tubby, shapeless bodies, and long ears.

"What are you things?"

Bip scowled up at her and answered indignantly, "We're spirits! What did you think we were?"

Rumble yawned. "Thinking bores me..."

"O-kay... welcome the the Mushi Mushi Ryokin. Um... If you'd excuse me a moment..."

Kemushi rushed back in and over to her sister's desk. "Tento-san! Help! They're short and weird and they're giving me spasms!" Her sister gazed up at her, brushing a few strands of her auburn locks out of her eyes.

"Ke-chan," she began, in a responsible sounding English accent, "It doesn't matter what the customer looks like. One must always be friendly and helpful."

"But Tento!"

"Never mind! Let me handle this!" Tentomushi rose and gathered her long golden gown. She glided gracefully towards the door and smiled down at the family. "Welcome, welcome! Let me show you to your room. May I ask how long you'll be staying?"

"'Till we get bored, probably," Poch told her.

"Which is now."

Bip shot a look of death at his brother before piping, "Do you serve meals here too?"

Tento-san nodded and smiled. "Yes we do. Everyone at the Inn is invited to share responsibility for preparing the food."

"Good 'cause I am hun-gry!"

"Hunger bores me..."

Bip whirled on his brother. "Will you be quiet! Everything bores you! You're getting annoying!"

"You're getting boring..."

Bip closed his eyes and counted to ten. Stupid little brothers...

Tento-san raised an eyebrow but kept walking. "I'm sure you'll find this room suitable," she told them with a polite smile.

"It's kinda bor-"

"Don't even say it!" Poch snapped at her son. "Why don't you just go play!" Rumble shrugged and slouched away. Playing was boring.

Once outside, the tiny spirit looked around. The countryside was a sparkling paradise of splendor. A majestic waterfall fueled a shimmering stream where fish jumped and splashed. A young deer bent its neck to drink from the clear water. High in the sunny sky, a rainbow spread across the horizon, illuminating miles of dappled woodlands and unexplored paths. The mountains in the distance were also covered in forest, the trees broken every few miles by tiny country towns. Rumble gazed out upon this wonderland and sighed.

"This is boring," he complained.

A dark shadow fell across him, and an evil voice snickered, "Then why not let me spice it up?"

O-kay! That's all for now my duckies! You'll hafta review it if you want to find out who is about to season Rumble's dish of plain. New characters and adventures to come, in the second annual Moshi-Moshi, Mushi Mushi! Catch ya!