Miracles Happen by writerforever

Chapter 1

Fairytale Land

Strange and mysterious was the land of Fairytale. Many strange and mythical creatures roamed the hills and many were within the very city. Unicorns, dwarves, elves, and talking animals made up just a few of the mythical creatures. It is in Fairytale land that our story takes place.

The birds twittered outside the attic window of the Wickford mansion. It was a beautiful summer morning and life was just waking up at the Wickford mansion. Inside the attic lay a young girl on a small straw pallet. She yawned and opened her eyes. Perhaps she wasn't the most pretty girl but she was attractive with her long dark brown hair and exciting green eyes.

The girl stood up and went to look out the small attic window.

"Another morning and another day of serving and working," the girl said sighing.

All of her life the girl (best known as Cinderella) had served in her own house for years. When she was but a little girl she had been orphaned when her parents had died in a terrible carriage crash. Alone and afraid Cinderella had been sent to the local orphanage of Fairytale land. It was there that she tried to cope with her pain.

Soon an elderly widowed lady by the name of Amelia Wickford came to the orphanage looking for a 'sturdy' child.

"I need a girl who can help with chores and be my companion," Amelia said to the lady working at the orphanage.

It was Cinderella that Amelia did adopt. When Cinderella arrived at the Wickford mansion she had been amazed by its size and beauty.

"Never in all my life have I seen such a pretty house!" Cinderella exclaimed as the carriage pulled up outside the mansion.

"Yes it is magnificent isn't it," Amelia said with pride.

Inside the mansion Cinderella could not take her eyes off the beautiful chandelier in the dining room. She was so excited about living in such a wonderful home. But her excitement did not last very long. Amelia Wickford had evil plans for little Cinderella and they did not involve living a wonderful life.

It was on a cold winter night when Cinderella and Amelia were sitting in the parlor drinking hot tea. By now Cinderella was thirteen years of age and was growing into a beautiful girl.

"Cinderella I have come to a decision," Amelia said coldly.

"What is it Mother Amelia?" Cinderella asked smiling.

"You. . .are not what I quite expected you to be. You fail in your school lessons, you have no manners, and you can barely read. You're not worthy of my kindness and luxury," Amelia said.

"I'll try harder Mother Amelia. As I've told you often, my parents and I were poor and I never had need of manners and such things," Cinderella said rather shocked by her adoptive mother's cruel words.

"Well I do not have time to teach everything that you need to know. I think you make better use as a servant girl," Amelia said.

"A servant girl?" Cinderella asked afraid.

"Yes, a servant girl. From here on you will work in this mansion without pay," Amelia said.

It wasn't long until Cinderella's belongings were taken away from her. She was moved from her large and beautiful room on the second floor of the mansion to the small dusty attic. All of her dresses that had been to her by Amelia were taken away. She was given a ragged simple blue dress along with a white apron to wear. From morning to dark she worked in the mansion, dusting, mopping, sweeping, and all sorts of chores. She worked alongside the other servants but unlike them, Cinderella was never paid and she could never leave the Wickford mansion.

Now at the age of sixteen Cinderella had grown use to working. She went about her daily life trying to stay optimistic. On that day it was a beautiful day and Cinderella was feeling overly cheerful. Climbing down out of the attic, Cinderella smiled and went to eat a quick breakfast in the servants quarters.

"Good morning Molly," Cinderella said to the cook,

"Ah good morning sweetheart. I've got some muffins just coming out of the stove for you," Molly said.

Molly was a large smiling woman who never saw a stranger. She had befriended Cinderella on the first day and they had been good friends ever since.

"Rumor is that Miss Amelia is in a terrible mood today," Molly said as she cooked away on the large stove.

"Miss Amelia is always in a terrible mood," Cinderella said chuckling.

"True, but they say she's in the worst mood today," Molly said.

"Does anyone know why?" Cinderella asked.

"It's about the talking horse," Molly said.

"You mean Josephus?" Cinderella said.

"Yep that's him. Well I heard that Miss Amelia had her mind set to selling Josephus to a man whose with a traveling circus," Molly said.

"Did she sell him? I certainly hope not," Cinderella said.

"Nope she didn't sell him. What happened was Miss Amelia told the circus man that Josephus could talk and so he offered her quite an amount of money for the horse. But the circus man wanted proof that Josephus could talk. When Miss Amelia showed the circus man Josephus this morning, the horse wouldn't say a thing!" Molly said laughing.

"Poor Josephus. I don't blame him for not talking. It serves Miss Amelia right," Cinderella said angrily.

"Ah but that's not all. The circus man left and said he wouldn't buy Josephus unless he could talk. Well Miss Amelia wasn't too happy about that and she had Josephus beaten," Molly said sadly.

"Oh dear! I must go to Josephus," Cinderella said.

"Now, now there's nothing you can do about it. Trust me you don't want to get in the middle of the mess," Molly warned.

"I don't care," Cinderella said angrily as she stormed out of the kitchen.

"But what about your breakfast?" Molly called after her but she was done gone.

"Bless that child, she's an angel sent from up above," Molly said smiling and shaking her head.

Exiting the mansion Cinderella went to the stables. Large in capacity were the Wickford stables. Amelia Wickford owned at least twenty horses but none could speak like Josephus. It was not uncommon in Fairytale land for an animal to speak. Many did and Josephus was one of them. Amelia had bought him at a fair long ago when she found out he could speak. Cinderella had met Josephus one morning when she was helping feed the horses. He had a kind and gentle spirit and a deep wise voice.

Inside the stables Cinderella began searching for the stall in which Josephus was always kept. When she reached his stall she peered in. She saw the beautiful spotted Josephus lying in the straw with deep red marks all over his body. Cinderella quickly opened the stall door and knelt down in the straw beside Josephus.

"Oh dear Josephus! I am so sorry this happened to you," Cinderella said reaching out to touch the horse's velvety nose lightly.

"Cinderella? It is good to see. . .you," Josephus said.

"Who did this to you?" Cinderella asked.

"Miss Amelia ordered Wacky, the stable hand, to beat me so he did," Josephus said.

"I cannot believe they did this to you! They are the ones who should be horse whipped," Cinderella said angrily.

"I wouldn't speak for the circus man. I didn't want to leave my home and all of my friends to go join a circus so I thought if I didn't speak then the circus man wouldn't buy me," Josephus said.

"I'm glad that Amelia couldn't sell you but I wish she hadn't done this to you," Cinderella said stroking his soft face.

"All will turn out well," Josephus said a small smile forming on his lips.

But Cinderella wasn't so sure that everything would be well. Times were sure to get worse, for everyone at the Wickford mansion.