I caught a glimpse of you today
the real you
not the you that the world sees
the you that hides
the you who lives in a world
that isn't just butterflies and sunshine
the you who has problems
the you who wants to cry
but feels like you should be strong
I used to be like that too
shielding everyone from my sadness
it doesn't work to well, does it?
the sadness becomes overwhelming
it consumes you
like a dark cloud that never goes away
and no one understands
because all they see is your permanent smile
all they know is how you laugh and joke
they don't know the real you
no one except maybe me has ever seen it
and still you try to hide it from me
I love the real you
even more than I love the fake one
I understand the real you
I've been the real you
and I've worked through it
so please keep showing me the real you
let me help you through your problems
I don't need to be shielded
I can be strong enough for the both of us