Cat Burgler

By:Andrew Troy Keller

If I'm not mistaken,there is this very old saying that is that some friendships are the ones that last forever--and at first,it seemed that the rumor that has been going around Berea Senior High School that Peter Kord--who happens to be me--and Samantha Broselli are going to be friends forever.

But that was before we had graduated from high school and went our seperate ways--as in I had enrolled myself into the police academy and she had gone to the state of California to attend UCLA--and that was the last time we've seen each other.

Or so I've thought,because after I've graduated from the police academy and started my first tour of duty at the Twenty-First precinct,the desk sergeant has informed me and my partner,a vetern cop of nine years named Brian Bradshaw that a lightning quick cat burgler has been giving the entire Honeywell apartment complex nothing,but grief ever since she had clawed her way into town.

After we had recieved that news,we drove our police cruiser out to the apartment complex and found out from the doorman that he saw someone sneaking around the place and figured that the cat burgler was at it again.

And with that,Brian and I had split up in to catch the cat burgler quicker,but that was before I've came face to face with the cat burgler,shot at her and discovered that I've shot Samantha Broselli.