Dedicated to Rui Ching, Amira and Estée

A single lie was all it took

To call forth simple faith.

True love was all she ever wished

A friend she did betray.

To be loved was all she ever wants

Love's illusion encaved

Blinded she tattled on her friends

Infatuation's estacy relayed

Now used and dumped, her love reject

No right has she to hate

Love she lost, her friendships fade

A milked-dry shell was left.

All alone she walks the roads

Where needles all prick deep

When once she was a dancing splint

No words can awe portray.

Confusions, emotions, connections array

Old love, now rose thorns – hate

Crimson petals of depressions wounds

Time heals but too long to wait.

Author's note: I wrote this when I was sp pressurized, because like the girl in the poem, I betrayed my friends. Kind of. Anyway, they were really great, they didn't hate me like I thought they would. So yeah, this is my story with a little bit of spice added. Later I added this to my fanfic on another site. Anyone interested can ask me. Do review…reviews are greatly appreciated.