Always Is a Promise

here we are, here in my head
pasting kurt cobain pictures to the stained-glass walls
dancing in crushed satin to our favourite tori amos CD
whispering secrets in words crafted from faerie wings
(i've got you carved on my soul
and i know i love you too.)

the heart-shaped ashtray overflowed after just one night
and we drew pictures of candyland into the fallen ashes
with our blood-stained razorblades.

and i, i'm the little girl from the south
so fucked up it's messed up
staring at my ribs in the bathroom mirror
tracing bitten fingernails over my skin
aching for the comfort i thought only sadness could bring.

and it amazes me, how scars and bones
never seem to bother you
making me feel like the only girl in the world
beautiful in every sense-
when you, you're a faerie and an angel
and so much more than any else could ever be.

you hold my hand as we climb over the fence
falling face-first into peter pan's garden
you show me the roses and paint their essence on my lips
while i fashion you a crown from jacaranda and gardenia.

and can we, can we stay here forever
chasing the lost boys across lily fields
writing tinkerbell's story on our arms
catching clouds to ride on
while our lives become everything
we always wanted them to be.

~dedicated to jerusha
my best friend,
my faerie,
my soul's other half,
my claire,
and the most amazing person i've ever and will ever know.