the anatomy of hope

The burnt wick shows I'm at the end of my rope
How our woes grow as time slows and we struggle to cope
We're getting lost in the flow, tossed to and fro, unaware of the scope
Why is it the same ones that you love and trust, hurt you and desert you?
When "the one" leaves you burnt too and nothing seems purposeful- hold on
to virtue
Where did I go wrong because not long ago I was strong and able to let go
Along the road I got strung along, so I had my memories withdrawn to forget
And maybe my own seeds grew into weeds and these leaves into trees
My mistakes go from streams to seas; I left you with only lies to believe
But now as I bleed through and I long to need you, to see you
Then I plead you, help me proceed to escape my greed and be true
I read news and seek truths but no one's words fit, hit, and rip my heart
as you did
I lead on as if I were never wounded, but limp when I think the places you
Your heart afraid to let go and make the same mistakes as before
We started so close but fell apart disheartened like the misplaced blame on
the floor
We can never go back, take what we lack and make up for we don't have
Only learn to laugh at insignificant crap, love more, and follow a
straighter path
Forgetting that which only brings black is the first step in healing
Hopelessness and despair revealing, we burst to escape these feelings
Be real without concealing; steer clear of the most appealing just listen;
Deal with the things you've been fearing because second chances never
seemed more endearing
Never give up in the darkest moments, if you see it you can achieve it,
take the analogy of a ghost
Invisible yet present, so if you dream it and believe it, you'll reveal the
anatomy of hope

Something happens when I see you, I side step and start to stutter
The butterflies flutter and my solid legs melt like butter