A hope for peace 3

I was standing up; the news made me sit down
Our lives turned upside down when the towers hit the ground
The softest sound the silence; what do we do now?
How do we move on with our lives with the violence that surrounds
And I bet that this terrorist threat made you sweat
Changing mindsets into faceless racists while plunging us into debt
How do you spend 400 billion dollars on a war we can't afford?
Please Lord, let this death by the sword give way to an accord
We dropped bombs on Afghanistan looking for a terrorist claiming our lives
are at risk
Blinded by our government, we moved to Iraq for reasons people didn't know,
I m sick of this shit
Doesn't that make you scared, knowing that they can make you leave your
home unprepared and unaware?
To fight a war you don't care, for weapons that weren't there, making your
family bleed unnecessary tears
See these are my fears; don't tell me I don't love my country- I do
That going against the war is a disgrace to our soldiers- you don't have a
We lost 2749 people on 9/11 and 2400+ soldiers after
All this told by a president who hides lies with laughter
It's easy for us to misdirect blame in order to save face
Saddam killed his own people. well we laid 13,000 more to waste
If we went in peace why did we torture prisoners and leave them in pieces
Why? Because we're being controlled by an asshole that does as he pleases
My colored friends, some of the most caring and most dear, now live in
So how to we change our fate and where do we go from here?
See I ask this question because so many are afraid to ask it
If we don't do something it'll be your friend, your son, your husband, or
your father coming back in a casket
I refuse to give up any more of my freedom I thought this was the land of
the free.
I just want to live for the day, pray we all make it on our way, enjoy life
and breathe
I want the bloodshed and hatred to be ended and to cease
This is part three, a three year long poem for a changing world that still
hopes and believes in a thing called peace