A heart of gold
A heart so pure
A soul of diamonds
But I want more
A chance to be
Alone with you
To be yours
These feelings are true
You know what I want
Do you want the same?
Messed with your head
I take the blame
Sort yourself out
Leave me be
I love you too much
A love you can't see
Blinded in depth
By all of her games
Blinded from me
It drives me insane
To see you hurt
To see you this way
You can't move on
With me one day
One day you'll look
You'll see my blue eyes
You'll see what am worth
My love it won't die
I'll be hear for you
To lend you a hand
Listen to you
It's not what I planned
But I know that one-day
Your heart will amend
Maybe not for me
But you'll be happy again
When that day comes
I'll hide behind a smile
For the one that I love
I would run a mile
You may not love me
But you will love again
It might not be me
But I will amend
I want to see you
Happy and free
Whatever you choose
Or whether it's me