The fire's burning deep inside me
Fuelled by sweat and alcohol
I'm tired, yet I still cannot see
Truth in what I'm being told
I'm lying if I say I'm sick
I've been dying all my life
I'm bored with falsities and tricks
And I'm too old to use a knife

Yes, yes, yes, yes
I, I, I, I
Am, am, am, am
No, more, than, you

I'm finished, but I think I'm breathing
Only time for one more dance
The time has come, I think I'm leaving
Retreat, or just one more advance?
I don't know what it is I'm missing
Maybe I'm just half-asleep
Time well-spent drinking, writing, kissing
Memories I still need to keep

Oh, oh, oh, oh
I, I, I, I
Am, am, am, am
Much, more, than, you