There's a Child Inside

There is a child inside me, and though she's very small,
There was a time not long ago she seemed not there at all.
Then one day I was asked to tell a little of my past.
As I spoke and walls came down, a little comfort the child had found.
Hiding no longer would keep her content,
though protecting her had been my intent.
Frantically now she tried to reach out
to see what this feeling had all been about.
For while I was thinking I just couldn't cope.
Someone had given the child some hope.
Here began the struggle, you see,
between this little child and me.
For she had to be quiet and remain inside,
so her guilt and shame I could hide.
Now someone has told her she wasn't to blame;
and there wasn't a reason for her to feel shame.
Even though she still felt guilt and shame,
she clung to that hope just the same.
I continue to fight her for I feel I must,
for I see her slowly beginning to trust.
And I don't want her to hurt for I remember too well'
Her painful experience, of which I tell.
But this one who continues to listen to me,
reaches into the child and tells her she's free.