Did you ever kiss me
Without memories of the past?
Did you ever touch me
And think I would be the last?

Those who once did hold you
Were vandals one and all
No artists were around you
And yet you didn't fall

You are still a flower
You are still so pure
Bruised and yet not sour
You never seem unsure

Poetry and some romance
Is sometimes in my grasp
What compelled you to take the chance?
As I lay, in my last gasp

You fill me with shame
Because I am a man
Men have caused you pain
I hope I understand

I keep my eyes on you
And I don't know if you mind
I never even knew
Of the artist I would find

You inspire me, as I cry
Over words you've written here
And I never ever lie
When I say I hold you dear

Romantic to the last
As I try to be a man
Erase the abuse of your past
I can't pretend to understand

You've lain, covered in dust
Your talent shines
Have I forgiven lust?
It is within me, such a bind

You write words oh, so deep
As my crude poetry spills
Your tragic beauty makes me weep
And yet it cures me of my ills

If ever I saw you as less
Then I was less than a fool
Because I'll always be a mess
But I'll never be your equal

And I'm sorry if I'm distant
But it's all within my head
And if love becomes resistant
You must leave me for dead

Promise me that I'll be yours
Like you always have been mine
Even if you love me no more
A better love we'll never find

I cannot hope to explain
But I hope you realise
The way I die again
When I look into your eyes

If your art is gone
This universe has died