September 1st 2004

Life sucks
Believe me I know
Living with these cruelties
Inseparable from their masters
Separated from the ones we love by simply slips of paper
Words from DHS
I don't know
But I doubt they understand
Doubt they went through the pain
Heartache they put you through each day
They tell you what's best for you
Acting as they know
You're the only one who knows
The only one who should make the choice
It's you life
You need to live it for yourself
But I'll help if I can
Anything just ask
I know you've skipped too much in life
But so have I
And maybe together we can get it back
From whatever abyss it's landed
Dark and dreary
We'll fight the way
And hey maybe there really is a brighter day
I know it's hard but we'll keep smiling
Cause we'll be best friends forever
And that's a promise
It'll never fail
Cause they can't take me away
I'll stay the entire way
Plop down on the ground with a pout
Flip em the bird and say
"Get the fuck away"
"This aint your best friend"
"This is my best friend."
"And I have a promise to keep."