Screename Adventures: Chapter One
Boy will this ever ruin my reputation...

freethephoenix opened her eyes and came face to face with Malyn.
"Holy crap!" She yelped and jumped from her bed. "Don't do that!"
"You slept in again phoenix," she smiled and left the room laughing manically. freethephoenix grumbled about annoying team mates and stumbled out, craving foot loops. She pushed Malyn away from the kitchen counter and poured herself a bowl, wondering how she was able to achieve such a thing while being half awake.
"You know phoenix," the young girl chirped. "I was thinking that today, instead of fighting evil like we usually do, we could go shopping."
freethephoenix scowled at her. "You got money?"
She shook her head, "no, being a loyal side kick doesn't really pay much."
freethephoenix munched thoughtfully on Toucan Sam's Os, then sat at the table. "You could get a part time job, that would help us with the cash flow situation."
"But, where would I find time? Between the crime fighting, secret lair cleaning, homework, and watching Inuyasha... I'm all booked up."
"That's it!" freethephoenix exclaimed suddenly, swinging her arms wildly and spilling her bowl of cereal. "We will go out and find more sidekicks! One to fight crime, one to clean, one for homework..."
"Brilliant!" Mayln dropped her dishtowel and did a little victory dance. "Can we get a monkey too?"
"No," the beautiful young hero snapped. "No monkeys!"
"Not even a very little one?"
"No! Absolutely no monkeys!"

... yes there is more...

(a/n: Alright, be nice. If you didn't think it was funny, just say you don't have the same sense of humor as me. The screenames are all my friends and we all have fun with this story on my livejournal. I actually lost a bet and have to post it up here now so No Flames please! You either think it's funny too or you don't!)