Mary, Jesus' mother

By writerforever

I watch as my Jesus works with His 'earthly' father

I watch as He performs miracles and wonders beyond imagination

I watch as He touches peoples' lives

I watch as He becomes hated by many

I watch as He is brought before a crowd of screaming Jews

I stare in horror at the crown of thorns upon His head

I watch as He bears a wooden cross upon His shoulders

I watch as the guards beat Him as He carries the cross

I watch as He climbs the hill to Calvary

I watch with tears in my eyes as He willingly lays down upon the cross

I watch from a distance as they nail His hands to the cross

I watch as blood spurts from His hands as the nails pierce his flesh

I watch with tears streaming down my face as He does not utter a word

I watch as the cross is raised and He is lifted into the sky

I watch as blood falls down His sides and down His face

I watch for a long time as my son Jesus slowly dies

I watch, falling to my knees, as He suffers the terrible and unimaginable pain

I watch trying to remain strong

I watch as my Jesus and the Savior of the world fulfills His plan