When you shatter the darkness, you see what you've done
There's only room inside my head for one
You leave me drawn, you leave me pale
You leave me here to tell my tale

You see the times are out of touch
What do they bring us, they do not bring us much
And yet we find new reasons to live
A little bit of change and a reason to give it...

You want to see me?
You won't get far
You'll never be me
Count yourself lucky
I've got it ringing, ringing in my ears
Leaving me shaking, shaking my dear


You see the gunfire flashing on the horizon
Such a pretty thing, you know what it's gonna bring
Destruction, malady
Everything you want to see

You're so curious
You're so curious
What did you do to yourself?
An angel stares
Dear God, what would angels care?
I'm sorting this one out alone.