The Goddess swirls her tempest skirts
Autumn storms rage at their worst
Waves on the coast in temper burst
Angry is the sound

Lightning flash and thunder roll
Unearthly sound, a deathly toll
Lift up the veil, departed souls
Sorrow swirls around

Darkened skies will manifest
Beloved souls, thou must find rest
Go on, my love, thou will be blessed
Good will shall be found

Samhain marks the new year's start
In with the new, the old to depart
Out of the world, still in the heart
Depleted is the ground

Foolish Fire upon the moors
Children knocking at the door
Hear the ghostly wild winds roar
Sorrowful is the sound

Jack-o-lantern, eyes that quiver
Ghostly branches, shake and shiver
Living and dead may dwell together
Thin swirls the veil round

Photos on the Altar laid
Promises for a new year made
For our dear departed we have prayed
New life they have found.

Barren earth for spring to find
All our fears are left behind
New life shall grow for the Goddess is kind
Her promise is safe and sound