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"God, I never realized you had *two* left feet, Tristan," Davyn said with a bit of a smirk.

Glaring up at him, Tristan did his best to follow Davyn's steps. But, missing a step, he stepped on the other man's toes again.

"God damnit!" Davyn cried loudly, letting go of Tristan and stepping away. Rubbing his toes through his shoes, he frowned at the other man. "I can't believe you're *this* bad at dancing!"

Flushing with embarrassment, Tristan looked away. "God, I should just give up. No way can I do this."

Davyn rolled his eyes, letting go of his foot. "You can't do that," he reminded the other. "You'll be expected to dance with Amelia at the wedding."

"I know... I just don't feel that breaking her foot would be a great start for a marriage," Tristan replied with a bit of a smile.

"Come on; let's try again." With those words, Davyn stepped forward and slid one arm around Tristan's shoulder, the other grasping his hand lightly, letting Tristan take the lead.

Glaring down at his feet, Tristan willed them to cooperate and move as they were told. He managed to complete a few turns before stepping on Davyn's toes again.

"Gah!" Davyn cried again, pulling back. "Stop that!" he demanded.

"Sorry!" Tristan cried in exasperation. There was no way he was going to learn how to dance in time for the wedding.

"Come on, it's not *that* difficult," Davyn assured him for what had to be the hundredth time. He couldn't believe he was putting himself through this... Well, yes he could. He loved Tristan, you see. And even though it pained him, he wanted him to be happy. One part of that was making sure he knew how to dance in time for the wedding.

"One more time, then we'll stop for the day," Davyn assured him, stepping close again. Tristan nodded and they tried again. They actually managed to dance for nearly three minutes before the taller mans feet were abused yet again.

Davyn didn't bother to yell at Tristan again, preferring to simply rub his foot.

"I love you," he commented nonchalantly, looking at his foot as he continued to rub it.

Tristan's eyes widened slightly and he stared at the other. "What?" he cried, slightly taken aback.

"Just thought I should tell you," Davyn says, looking up and smiling a little. He loved the completely blown away expression on the shorter mans face, though it pained him that the words came as such a shock.

"Davyn..." Tristan starts, seeming unsure.

Standing, Davyn walked over to the other man slowly. Tristan was frozen in place, staring at him as he moved closer.

"I... Why didn't you ever say it before.." His voice was almost awed.

Davyn simply leant close, kissing Tristan gently. Sliding his hand around Tristan's throat, he pulled him near and pushed his tongue into the shocked man's mouth, taking advantage of the moment to kiss him deeply.

"Tristan! Davyn!" a female voice cried in shock.

Davyn pulled away, turning towards the voice to find Amelia standing across the room. She stared at them. Well, mostly at Tristan. Surprise was scrawled across her delicate features.

Tristan blinked dazedly. Then blushed. Then practically hid behind Davyn.

Davyn simply laughed, smirking at Amelia.

After another moment, Amelia joined in, walking over to the two men. "God..." she began, sounding both amused and exasperated, "you two still make out like teenagers."

Davyn opened his mouth to say something, but before he could comment he received a sharp jab to the back. Closing his mouth, he simply grinned.

"So, have you two figured out who's walking me down the aisle?" she asked curiously.

An embarrassed Tristan responded, still hiding behind Davyn. "Well, we're both your fathers. We'll both walk you."

Grinning brightly, Amelia clasped her hands behind her back. "I wouldn't have it any other way."