It's me, your heartbreaker
I'm the one you hate
But you're the soul taker
You're alone by the gate

Go ahead blame me
I'm heartbreaker, it's my fault
You were too blind to see
Rub my wounds with salt

Leave heartbreaker with guilt
She's the one who hurt you
Though you were full of filth
She should suffer too

Ever wonder how heartbreaker felt
Every time you pushed her away
With your problems she dealt
At least one nice thing please say

With you it's never good enough
Heartbreaker couldn't survive
Stop being so stupidly tough
You can never again drive

"Heartbreaker, oh what a shame"
Is what you tell me everyday
For your lies give me the blame
Go ahead kill me, yes you may

Heartbreaker broke your heart
Though you're the one to cheat
I should've been a lot more smart
Should've heard your heartbeat

It's okay, don't apologize
Heartbreaker isn't sad
She's just feeling criticized
The pain's driving her mad

I often wonder how you feel
Every time you see me there
Are your emotions real?
You really don't have to stare

Heartbreaker can't detest you
Though you're the one who killed
Only you have the right to
Hurt anyone at will

There was a time you said you care
Heartbreaker then you loved
What has happened to that dare?
That vow of true love

I shattered all your dreams
The dreams you never had
Yet I'm your heartbreaker
These thoughts are so sad

You burned the "us" away
Leaving heartbreaker to cry
"It's your entire fault," you say
Playing with emotions one shouldn't try

Yes, I'm your heartbreaker
Though you broke my heart
Heartbreaker I shall remain
Forever since the start...