There's a mirror in front of me,
Reflecting my confused and crying blue eyes.
But my fist has already taken care of that.
So now.
Look at all the fragments of me I now see.
Look at that piece,
That's the part that loves her friends.
Oh, but see that piece there?
That's the part that causes others pain.
And that piece down here?
That's the part that never stops crying.
What about that one over there?
That's the part that wants to be alone.
But look at that piece!
Yeah that's the part that never wants to say goodbye.
And that one up here?
That'd be the part that questions everything trustworthy.
But it's okay because there's still that piece over there,
The piece that always loves with all her heart.
And this piece?
That's the part that's always saying sorry.
You forgot that piece!
You mean the sarcasm?
And that one!
You mean the heartlessness?
It's okay there's still that one up there.
Yeah, there's always hope.
And don't lose that piece!
I'll never lose the joy.
And this one?
No, I'll never lose the love.
And that one?
I'll never take it for granted.
You promise?