Oh Lovely Pixie


Oh lovely Pixie,
I'm writing this to you
To tell you that I hate you.
I always have
And I still do.
And I'm sorry I forgave you...
I still have a grudge against you...
And it needs to stay that way.
Oh, my feelings will not change.

Oh lovely Pixie,
I said one day we'd be friends.
And I promised you, oh Pixie,
That I would get over this.
...But I guess I never did.
Oh lovely Pixie,
I detest you in every way,
And this loathing---
It grows with each passing day.

I can't stand you.
Okay, Pixie?
You're the most awful thing I've ever met.
And I find you quite disgusting,
Yes, you've made me quite mad.
Oh lovely Pixie,
I know you may not be quite worse than me,
But lovely Pixie,
I'll hate you for eternity...
My dearest Pixie.