Is there no one?

~Rating~ PG-13

~Genre~ Humour/Romance

~Disclaimer~ None, cuz it's not a fanfic!

~Summery~ "It's hard to find a guy-liking guy in this gay barless town!" At least, that is Kyle's problem. But when his roommate decides to get her own place, the chance for romance comes. WARNING!!! Random gayness galore! If you don't like that, don't read this. Enjoy!


Hi! My name is Kyle London. I am nineteen years old. I'm out of high school, but not in college. Yet. I'm working to raise money. I'm currently sharing my apartment with my best friend, Penny Wiseman. She's in college. Lucky girl. She's getting married soon and will be moving in with him. So I need a new roommate.

Anyhoo, I have light brown hair with golden blond highlights. It goes a few inches past my shoulders. I would like it longer, but it gets too hard to manage. I'm sure most would agree. I have golden brown eyes, without my contacts, that is. With them in, my eyes are emerald green. Very sexy, no?

I believe I am the coolest guy in the world. At least, as guyish as a gay crossdresser can be. No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. I am gay. No biggie. It's hell on my dating schedule, though. Which is why I crossdress. Watch. I'm Kyle! POOF! I'm Karla! POOF! I'm Kyle again! Ha-ha! Fun!

This is my story. I'm searching for a new roommate, but something more comes. Read and enjoy!