Wind and rain
Wind and rain
She felt the Summer's storm brewing.
How light she is
In both heart and mind.
Swept away, past the ocean's tides
Carried by the sea's gales
From a comfortable island
Where peasants reaped without tales
And each day was
Each season.
Her heart wasn't dense.
While everything was the norm.
Lightened with discontent
Until she heard the storm.
It carried her westward.
She lay on the mattress of brisk air
Almost willingly
Descrying in the distance an opportunity for rebirth.
Knowing not if this was her destiny,
She was fearful and anxious,
But most of all, spiced with curiosity.
And, her family wept at her leaving.
For, they knew not her heart's despair;
The maiden's envelopment of restless worrying.
And no one knows how her voyage ended.
Whether she landed in cool plains kissed by a warming sun
Where Autumn will rule its creatures for long.
Whether she landed in Winter's frozen pond.
Cold and enchanting, but ill fated and tiring.
But, even if she lands in eternal Spring,
She risks becoming homesick
For love of her family
And security a peasant's life brings.