Author's Note: Here's a long chapter to make up for the delay. Enjoy!


English Adventure

Author: Lush Mellifluence

Chapter 21. Sex, Romance, and Sex.


Gary walked around the cold, snowy streets of London trying to take in what had just happened. Tommy, his best friend in the world, was gay. He liked boys. He liked Adam. And apparently Adam liked him back. Gary frowned. Adam must have lost it when Gary had called Tommy a faggot. And Adam hadn't let him get away with it. Adam cared enough for Tommy to fight Gary back, a guy nearly twice his size in height and build. Gary was 5'11 and had the build of a football player. The American kind of football, not the sissy British soccer shit.

Gary sighed. How could all this have happened? Tommy wasn't a queer. He didn't prance around with twinkle-toes; he didn't sip tea with a raised pinky. He didn't eat soy. Tommy played sports and got into fights. And he ate meat. None of that faggoty vegetarian bullshit. Gary grimaced. Vegetarians were such fags.

Just then Gary saw a taxi heading his way, and he decided to hail it. He got in and was greeted by another fat Cockney driver.

"Where to, guv?" the driver asked.

"Take me someplace faggoty," Gary said.

"What?" the driver asked with a confused brow.

"You know," Gary said limping his wrist and ringing an invisible bell.

"Oh!" the driver said, "maybe a gay club?"

"Yeah, okay," Gary said.

"You don't seem gay," the cab driver said as he slowly made his way down the street.

"I'm not," Gary replied, "but someone I know is. He's my best friend--was--…I don't know who he is anymore. I need to know who he is."

"Going to a gay club isn't going to answer that question," the driver said, "you need to go to him."

"I'm paying you to drive, not talk," Gary said, shutting the driver up.

They soon arrived at their destination, a gay club called "Fierce," and Gary paid the fair (no tip) and got out of the taxi.

Gary was about to walk into the gay club, when someone outside already began hitting on him.

"Hey stud," said a slender English boy with spiked hair. He looked about 19.

"Are you gay?" Gary asked.

The boy laughed. "Is Whitney Houston a crackwhore?"

"Duh," Gary said, though confused as to why he was asked the question.

The boy just continued to laugh and he slung his slender arm around Gary's larger one. "Wanna go back to my place? Its just around the corner."

Gary though about it. Maybe this guy could tell him what Tommy was going through, or even that Tommy wasn't actually gay.

"Okay," Gary said.


Marcus screamed. He screamed long and hard and high-pitched.

When the boys, save Gary, had arrived back in Marcus's house, Lynn had shown Marcus the YouTube video she posted. There was Adam in his briefs with Tommy on his bed. His bed.

He ran out away from his computer to the living room where Adam and Tommy were seated on the couch.

"You two!" he screamed, "my bed! You soiled my bed! How could you?!"

Tommy looked up at him, and for the first time after his incident with Gary, he felt his mouth quirking upward. Well, at least there were no more secrets with Marcus and Stanley.

Stanley entered the room laughing. Marcus turned vehemently toward Stanley. "How can you laugh in my hour of misery?! My quarters have been corrupted! My beddings, befouled! My sheets, shamed! My pillows, profaned with the sweat of depravity!"

"Gee, Shakespeare," Stanley said with a smile, "calm down."

"Fuck off, Freckle-boy," Marcus snapped.

Stanley went quiet. "You think my freckles are ugly?" asked weakly and started to walk away.

"What? No! Come back, c'mon!" Marcus whined, following Stanley.

When Marcus wasn't looking, Stanley winked at Adam and Tommy.

Adam turned to Tommy with a smile. "Saved by Stanley," Adam said.

Tommy smiled. "We owe him one."

But just as they were getting comfortable Marcus called from afar, "And I'll deal with you two later!"

Adam and Tommy sighed.

"Well, at least they know now," Tommy said to Adam.

"And they're taking it fine," Adam replied.

"I wish Gary would," Tommy said.

"Give him time," Adam replied, "I know he cares about you. You know it, too. He's your best friend."

"Not anymore, apparently," Tommy said bitterly.

Adam slung an arm around Tommy's shoulder. "He'll come around," Adam said, "I know it."

Tommy got up. "I want to find him. I need to talk to him now."

"He needs time," Adam reiterated.

"I don't care," Tommy replied adamantly, "he's going to hear me out if I have to nail him to the floor."

"I'll go with you then," Adam said about to get up but Tommy put his hand on Adam to stop him.

"No," Tommy replied, "its between Gary and me. I'll be back in a bit." And with that Tommy left.


"I'm Trigger, by the way," Trigger said to Gary as he switched on the lights of his apartment. It was a small apartment with a bed in the living room. Posters of nearly naked men lined his walls. "Sit down," Trigger told Gary.

"There are no chairs," Gary said, looking for a chair. Not one was in sight.

"On the bed, then," Trigger said with a wink.

"Alright," Gary said, and he walked over to the bed and sat down.

Trigger dimmed the lights and walked over to Gary.

"So," Gary said, "what can you tell me about being gay?"

"Why tell when I can show?" Trigger replied with a purr as he began caressing Gary's cheek with his soft fingers.

"What are you doing?" Gary asked, genuinely confused.

Trigger took off his shirt. "Its so hot in here."

"You could turn off the heater," Gary suggested.

Trigger laughed as he unzipped his fly to reveal his erection.

Gary's eyes widened. "You're trying to have sex with me!"

"Of course," Trigger said sultrily, and he leaned into Gary.

Gary pushed him off and shot up out of the bed. "I'm not gay!" Gary protested, "I just want you to tell me about it because my friend is."

Trigger smiled. "Your friend, huh?" he said sarcastically and inched toward Gary, "well, I'll teach your friend what being gay is all about." And he grabbed Gary's crotch.

Gary was about to push Trigger off, but the sudden stimulus on his genitals sent go signals to his hormones. He wasn't attracted to Trigger, but his dick wasn't picky about who or what was touching it. And it hardened almost instantly.

"If you suck me off, I'm not gay right?" Gary asked.

Trigger rolled his eyes mentally. "That's right," Trigger conceded.

"Alright," Gary said and he unzipped his own fly and pulled out his dick from his boxers. It was much bigger than Trigger's and pointed haughtily toward the English boy. Trigger knelt down in front of Gary's penis and stuck his tongue between the slit of the peehole. Gary shivered and threw his head back, mouth open in ecstasy. Trigger ran his teeth ever so lightly from the ever-sensitive back of Gary's cockhead to the tip of his penis; the sensation was driving Gary wild. He began leaking heavy drops of precum, which Trigger lapped up while tonguing the base of his penis, too. He then moved his mouth to Gary's large sac and took on the nearly impossible task of fitting both of Gary's very large testicles into his mouth. He succeeded and sucked and tongued them carefully. Gary nearly cried. No girl had ever done this as good as Trigger. Was this why Tommy was gay? Because men are better at sex?

Trigger then released Gary's balls and stood up, facing Gary, who was looking at him in a dreamlike state and breathing heavily. Trigger had him warmed up. Now to go for the kill. And Trigger had a plan. "Well, I'm done," Trigger said nonchalantly, reaching over to where he had put his shirt and putting it on. He zipped up his fly as well.

Gary's eyes widened. "What?!" he demanded.

"I'm done," Trigger repeated.

"Well, I'm not!" Gary said, starting to jerk off his penis in frustration.

Trigger smiled. The trap was set, and Gary had walked right into it. Trigger moved slowly toward Gary and said with a seductive smirk, "You wanna fuck me?"

Gary gulped. "W-what?" Gary stuttered.

Trigger ran the tip of his middle finger ever-gently upon the base of Gary penis, and Gary nearly whimpered at the touch. "Well?" Trigger asked, taking his finger away.

Gary nervously nodded, and Trigger smiled contentedly.

"If I--" Gary started, but Trigger interrupted him.

"If you fuck me, you're the straight one, yes," Trigger said as though he'd repeated it a million times before, "now take off your clothes."

Gary hurriedly pulled off his shirt and pants, standing now only in socks and a pair of boxer shorts, with his rock hard dick popping out of the front hole.

"All of it," Trigger ordered, despite the fact that he was fully clothed himself.

Gary nodded and pulled off his boxers. Despite the covering of his hairy legs, a stark difference between his tanned legs and his white groin and buttocks was noticeable.

"All of it," Trigger repeated even more firmly.

Gary looked down and saw his socks. He quickly removed them.

"Good," Trigger said with a devilish grin, "now go lay on the bed."

Gary obeyed and went over to the bed and lay upon it.

Trigger unzipped his fly and pulled out his penis, which was still hard. He walked over to the bed where Gary was laying on his back.

"Are you gonna ride me?" Gary asked.

"Better," Trigger said, and pulled Gary from his ankles until his buttocks reached the edge of the bed. He then lifted Gary's hairy legs up upon his shoulders.

"What are you doing?!" Gary asked in panic.

"Its not gay if you aren't bent over," Trigger said.

"Are you sure?" Gary asked nervously.

"I'm positive," Trigger replied and he pulled his foreskin back, revealing a thick cockhead. He pressed it firmly against Gary's asshole and began pushing it in without lubrication.

Gary grabbed the bed sheets and yelped. "It hurts!"

"Straight guys don't complain," Trigger said seriously.

Gary gulped. Okay, Gary, Gary said to himself, stay straight. Don't complain. You can do this. Only gay guys feel paineeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooowwwww! Trigger had gotten his cockhead inside Gary's extremely tight manhole. Gary squeezed tighter on the sheets and bit hard upon his tongue. Gary's penis now softened as his arousal turned into pain.

"A-a-are we done?" Gary whimpered.

"That's only the head, mate," Trigger said, "you're lucky I'm going slow."

Gary felt like he was going to cry. Trigger pushed more, and Gary yelled loudly as Trigger's dick got halfway in.

"Its okay," Trigger said, "I won't tell anyone you yelled."

"Th-thanks," Gary said in pain while clenching his fists so hard that his nails were digging into his palms.

"Don't sweat it," Trigger said pushing in all the way so he could feel the fuzzy hair of Gary's buttocks pressed upon his pelvis.

Tears flowed down the side of Gary's face as Trigger pulled backward and pushed back in. Gary's toes curled and his face remained contorted as Trigger began rocking back and forth in Gary's asshole in a steady motion.

"You want it harder?" Trigger asked, but didn't let Gary answer as he quickened his thrusts. Gary yelled again, as his soft penis flopped about with the rapid motion. "God, I'm gonna cum!" Trigger exclaimed. He immediately pulled out of Gary and started shooting heavy loads of hot white cum all over Gary's genitals.

Trigger breathed deeply as one last shot squirted on Gary's ball sac. Gary's limp dick and balls were dripping heavily with cum. Gary lay frozen, looking at his semen-drenched genitals and Trigger stood over him trying to catch his breath. Trigger's wet dick slowly began to soften, and his loose foreskin rolled back over his cockhead by itself.

"I should go shower," Trigger said, finally beginning to really remove his clothes. This alerted Gary away from the sight of his cum-covered groin back over to Trigger.

"But, but I haven't cummed yet," Gary said.

Trigger smiled at Gary and made a jerk-off motion with his right hand before heading into his bathroom. Gary frowned in frustration, but resigned to the masturbation. He took hold of his limp penis, feeling Trigger's thick, gooey cum upon his fingers. He pulled on it first and flopped it about to get it hard. As it began to harden, he began jerking it off violently, venting his sexual frustration on his dick. He eventually ejaculated, but not very much, probably because his orgasm wasn't very satisfying.

"Just show yourself out when you're down wankin'!" Trigger called from the shower.

Gary sighed and grabbed some tissues from Trigger's bedside table to wipe away Trigger's cum from his privates. As he got up he felt a sharp, throbbing pain shot in the inside of his buttocks and he dropped to his knees. "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow," Gary whimpered under his breath.

"And don't steal anything!" Trigger continued from the shower.

Gary very slowly pulled himself up, grimacing as the pain continued. All this fucking pain and he didn't even finish me off, Gary complained to himself, well, at least I didn't do anything gay. Gary began putting on his clothes, which was a very agonizing task. Christ, how am I going to sit down through the cab-ride back?


"Your freckles are not ugly!" Marcus insisted.

Back in Marcus's room, Stanley was having too fun making Marcus defensive to end the conversation.

"Then what do you really think of them?" Stanley asked.

Marcus fidgeted. "Freckles are…cute," Marcus said uncomfortably.

"Freckles in general or my freckles?" Stanley asked.

Marcus fidgeted some more. "Both, I guess," Marcus replied.

"I have them everywhere, you know," Stanley said.

Marcus shoved him. "You're disgusting, you know that?"

"I thought you said freckles are cute," Stanley remarked.

"I changed my mind," Marcus said, "it looks like psoriasis."

Stanley mouth hung in in both shocked offense and humor. "You whore!" Stanley exclaimed and was about to push Marcus, when Marcus pulled away saying, "Don't touch me! It could be contagious!"

They laughed as Stanley chased Marcus around the room. When he couldn't catch Marcus, Stanley plopped down onto the bed, arms folded and lips pouting like a petulant child. "You hate my freckles," he pouted.

"Oh, no," Marcus said, catching on to Stanley tricks, "you're not getting me with that guilt trip rubbish again."

Stanley turned to face away from Marcus and pouted some more.

Marcus crossed his arms himself and tried to outlast Stanley's pouting.

"I'm just some disgusting freckled-freak," Stanley said.

"What?!" Marcus exclaimed.

"I'm just repeating your words," Stanley said.

"I never said that!" Marcus protested.

"You did so!" Stanley insisted, "with your eyes."

Marcus rolled his eyes.

"There, you see!" Stanley exclaimed, "you're saying it with your eyes again!"

Marcus laughed. "No, I'm saying it with my words, Psoriasaurus."

Stanley's mouth hung open in shock, but like a dam breaking, he burst into a peal laughter. "That was cruel!" he said after he caught his breath.

Marcus laughed and sat beside Stanley on the bed, slinging an arm around his shoulders. "But you're my favorite psoriasaur in the whole world."

Stanley quirked his brow. "Are you willing to befoul your bed to prove it?" Stanley teased.

"Shut up!" Marcus said feeling his cheeks heat up in a blush.

Stanley smiled at Marcus in his ever-cheesy Stanley smile that made his cheeks puff up and his freckles grow closer together.

Marcus hit him in the face with a pillow. "Profane a pillow," Marcus said before Stanley began chasing him around the house.


Gary walked with his legs spread apart and a contorted face as he headed up the stairs to his motel room. When he opened the door to the room and entered, he saw Tommy look up at him from where he sat on the bed. No one else was in the room. Tommy immediately got up and said, "We need to talk, Gary. We've been best friends since 3rd grade. You owe me at least this conversation. Sit down."

"I'd like to stand," Gary said shutting the door.

"Whatever you like," Tommy said, "but you better hear me out--dude, are you passing a kidney stone?"

Gary's face had contorted into a horrible expression and he was leaning against the wall to keep his balance. Gary forced himself to look at Tommy and he said nervously, "You're not gay if you don't bend over, right?"

Tommy's eyes widened. "What?!"

"I mean, if you--you know--take it in your…butt…" Gary paused. "If you take it…there…you're not gay if you lay on your back instead, right?"

"You took it in the butt?!" Tommy exclaimed.

"Answer my question!" Gary insisted.

Tommy looked at Gary in utter confusion, but as Gary face twisted in pain again, Tommy softened. "Do you want to fall in love with a boy?"

"No," Gary said.

"Are you attracted to boys?"


Tommy bit his lip. "Do you like having sex with boys?"

"Not when they put it…in there," Gary replied truthfully.

"But otherwise you like it?" Tommy asked.

"I like girls," Gary said. "And I know I do. I'm not lying. I love having sex with girls. Its just…boys are better at giving blowjobs." Gary took in a deep breath. "I'm gay too, aren't I?"

Tommy smiled. "No, I don't think so."

"Really?" Gary asked hopefully.

"Yeah," Tommy said, "I mean, you definitely prefer girls. Anybody who knows you is keenly aware of that. But sexuality is fluid. Its flexible. Take away the societal stigma, and I think most straight men would have sex with other men at least once or twice."

"Huh?" Gary said, not understanding Tommy's words.

"Well, its like, even straight men will have sex with other men if people didn't keep saying it was so bad," Tommy said, "they won't admit it of course. But history proves it. As well as secret happenings like yours."

"So I'm not gay?" Gary asked.

"No," Tommy said, "you're just sexual. Very sexual."

"Oh, thank God," Gary said before he grimaced in sudden pain again. He then looked hopefully at Tommy. "That must be what you are, too!"

Tommy looked startled. "Er--yeah," Tommy lied.

"Oh, good," Gary said, letting out a relieved sigh.

Tommy looked at Gary with a frown. "No," Tommy said.

"What?" Gary asked.

"I'm pretty sure I like boys," Tommy said.

"Yeah," Gary said, "you said its okay to have sex with them, right?"

"I'm talking about love," Tommy said, "I want love."

"You get that from a girl," Gary said.

"I don't want love from a girl," Tommy replied, "and that's why I'm gay."

Gary looked at Tommy shocked. "You faggot!" he yelled, and then winced as a sharp pain shot in his backside.

"Me?!" Tommy shouted back, "you're the one who got a cock rammed in you butt! I haven't even had sex with a guy!"

"I'm not gay, you said it yourself!" Gary retorted.

"Why can't you just accept me? We've been friends for nearly 9 years!" Tommy yelled as he bit his cheeks to keep from crying.

Gary didn't reply.

"Wait, wait!" Tommy said as something seemed to dawn on him. "Why in hell did you have sex with a boy in the first place?"

Gary swallowed. "Well, I er--got hit on in front of this gay club."

Tommy felt his face smile. Not only in amusement, but in warmth and appreciation as well. "You wanted to understand me. So you went to--Lord, you ended up getting ploughed in your butthole for me!"

"It hurt a lot," Gary said softly.

Tommy laughed. "So…do you accept me?"

"Tommy," Gary said, "I'm your friend. And you're mine. But you've got to give me time to try to understand. Maybe a lot of time. But we're friends. And I'll have to deal with it until I understand it."

Tommy smiled. "That's good enough for me."

"Once my ass heals, I'll need to fuck fifty girls to make up for this," Gary said.

The door suddenly opened and the maid walked in. She was fair haired, slim, and developed. But she wore an unflattering conservative maid's outfit.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. I'll come back later," she said in her girlish London accent and curtsied before she was about to leave.

"No, don't," Gary said, "you make me horny." He then whispered to Tommy, "go get me the Extra-Strength Tylenol.

"Oh please, sir," she begged, "I promised St. Augustine that I would abstain from sex until marriage if he would wake my little brother from his coma."

Gary winked at her and lifted up the bottom of his shirt, revealing his forest of a happy trail.

She gasped and began breathing heavily. "Please, sir, don't!" she beseeched.

Tommy gave Gary the Tylenol, which Gary popped in right away. He then shooed Tommy away.

"Sir, if I may leave, please," the maid begged some more.

Gary began massaging his package through his jeans.

The maid squeezed her legs together in both arousal and a futile attempt to fight against it.

Gary then took off his shirt and began massaging his hairy caramel nipples.

The maid gasped at the sight and let out a high pitched moan as her aroused vaginal juices leaked down her leg. "Oh my God! You're the hottest hunk of a man ever born!" she exclaimed and began literally ripping and tearing off her clothing.

Gary turned to a surprised Tommy. "Out. Now."

With that Tommy exited the room.

When Tommy left, the maid was completely naked. Her breasts were a perfectly round and perky. She begged Gary, "May I please touch your chest?"

Gary nodded and she ran and lay her hand upon his hairy chest. She inhaled deeply before squirting all over his pants leg.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry!" she cried in embarrassment, "I'll have it cleaned!"

"Shut up!" Gary said and threw her to the floor. She moaned and opened her legs as wide as she could. Gary pulled out his erection and shoved it into her vaginal canal.

She screamed and thrust back against his hard cock, squirting all over it. Because of the blockage caused by Gary's penis, her squirts became extremely pressurized and flew in every angle around the room.

"Where's--that--other--boy?" she asked between thrusts, "while you pussyfuck me, I want him to fuck my asshole!"

"He's gay," Gary said, "he won't do it."

"That's alright," she said, getting up without releasing Gary's dick from inside her. While Gary continued to fuck her, she sat on the bedpost and shoved it into her asshole. She screamed and moaned as Gary ploughed her cunthole while she jumped up and down on the thick, ribbed, bedpost. Her squirts came faster and more steady, and it filled the floor with puddles. As her ass and pussy were being fucked raw, she screamed, "one more hole to fill!" And with that she grabbed Gary's fingers and began shoving them into her mouth as all three of her holes were being filled to capacity.

Just then another maid entered. She had glasses and was wearing the same dull, conservative maid's uniform. She gasped as she witnessed the sexual debauchery in front of her. But then she caught a closer glimpse of Gary and adjusted her glasses. She couldn't believe it. He was the most gorgeous piece of hunk flesh she had ever seen, and she could feel her clitoris harden and her vaginal juices wetting her panties. Before she knew it, she slammed the door closed and ripped off her uniform revealing a slender and curvaceous body with huge, round breasts and pink, erect nipples.

"Fuck me, too!" she cried in her nakedness and ran toward Gary, who was still fucking the other maid.

"I only have one penis," Gary said between breaths.

"Please!" the new maid cried and pried Gary off the other maid.

"Get your own man!" the first maid shouted.

"Please share!" the new maid begged, "a man like this would be wasted on just one woman."

The first maid nodded and the two maids began rubbing their labias on either side of Gary's forward pointing shaft. The soft pussy lips wept with unfaltering pleasure upon his rock-hard manrod. The girls moaned in high pitches as they rubbed against his penis.

"Play with our tits, please!" the second maid begged and Gary obliged grabbing hold upon one of each breast. The girls moaned louder and rubbed harder on Gary's erect penis. Gary's breathing became faster.

"I'm gonna cum!" Gary cried in wicked pleasure.

"Cum in my ear!" the first maid shouted and immediately knelt down, grabbed his dick, and shoved it into her ear as floods of semen shot down it, coating the inside and partially destroying her eardrum. "Oh yeah! Deafen me!" she cried, fisting herself with both hands and stroking her intrauterine lining.

Gary collapsed onto the floor of vaginal water in complete satisfaction, his dick dripping with his lovemilk. When the cumfilled maid saw that he had collapsed she quickly pulled her hands out of her uterus and rushed to his side. "Oh God!" she screamed, "I've put you into a coma, too, like my brother!"

"Huh?" Gary asked confused.

She sighed in relief when he replied. "Well, I decided to try something new the last time he and I had sex. He put his head in past my vagina and into my uterus, and I was going to start contraction and push him out like a baby. But after a few minutes of contractions, he suffocated. Too many brain cells died and he's been a vegetable ever since."

"Look, I don't care about your vegetarian brother, okay?," Gary said getting up and looking at the two naked, vulnerable women, "This room's a mess. You're both a maids. Make like women and clean it up."

"Yes, sir!" both maids said in unison, and after a curtsey at their man-God, they began cleaning immediately.

"Do you want to take pictures of us as we clean up your room naked?" the second maid asked kinkily.

"God, you're stupid! Just shut up and clean," Gary said opening a sports magazine he brought from America.


"Wanna walk me to the Underground?" Stanley asked Marcus.

Evening had come and Marcus and Stanley were in Marcus's living. Tommy and Adam and their mothers had just left and heading over to the motel. Lynn was spending the evening and took the guestroom. And Stanley was getting ready to leave.

"Well?" Stanley asked, putting on his coat and waiting for Marcus's answer, "and there's really only one answer. Because if you say no, I'm still dragging you with me." Stanley looked at Marcus and noticed he was fidgeting. "What is it, Marcus?"

Marcus scratched the back of his head. "Do you--do you want to stay the night?"

Stanley laughed and began taking off his coat and hanging it back up on the coat rack. "Is that why you're fidgeting?" Stanley asked. "Marcus, we've shared a bed in Yorkshire and on the damned cruise and you fidget when you ask if I want to stay the night."

"Well," Marcus said fidgeting some more, "its more private here. We'll be in my room. Just us…and…and you might…"

Stanley laughed. "I might try something? Its you who can't keep your paws off me."

Marcus frowned. "Stanley, I'm being serious…I'm nervous."

Stanley nearly gasped. "You want to…you want to, don't you?…Tonight."

Marcus bit his lip and said weakly, "I don't know."

Stanley grabbed Marcus by the wrist and pulled him to his room. He sat Marcus down on the bed as he himself sat down beside him. He smiled warmly at Marcus.

"Are we going to…?" Marcus asked softly.

"What? No! Not now, anyway," Stanley replied. He looked at Marcus intently and said, "I know this is all new and confusing to you. And you're scared."

"I'm trying not to be," Marcus said, looking at the floor.

"Marcus," Stanley said, "just a couple days ago in Yorkshire you were calling Ronald every gay slur in the book."

Marcus scowled. "And I still would if I saw him, the queer prick."

"That's not what I mean," Stanley said.

"I know what you mean," Marcus said, "Look, what happened at your house…it scared the hell out of me, yes. But I didn't pull away, did I?"

Stanley put a freckled hand on Marcus's pale one. "You didn't, did you?"

"Plus, I even had the guts to step foot in that rat's nest, let alone kiss you in it," Marcus said with a laugh.

Stanley rolled his eyes. "Plonker," Stanley said, unable to keep from chuckling himself.


"These pajamas are really comfortable," Stanley told Marcus. Marcus had lent Stanley a pair of pajamas to wear to bed.

"Isn't it nice to wear clothes that aren't old and moth-eaten?" Marcus replied.

Stanley rolled his eyes.

The boys were in Marcus's bedroom preparing to sleep. Marcus was wearing a pair of green, checkered cotton pajamas, and had lent Stanley his orange one.

"God," the red-head said looking in the mirror, "I look like I've caught on fire. Did you have to lend me orange?"

"Yes," Marcus said with a snicker, turning off the light and getting into bed.

Stanley got into bed beside him. They both lay flat on their back and looked up at the ceiling. A few moments passed and Stanley asked, "Is it as awkward for you as it is for me?"

"More," Marcus replied.

"We've shared beds the past few days just fine," Stanley said.

"But we'd never kissed then," Marcus said.

"So, I'm guessing we're not…doing it tonight?" Stanley asked.

Marcus laughed. "You know, I don't even know your last name."

"Well, that's not good is it, Marcus Philippe Andrews?" Stanley teased.

"Come on," Marcus said, "what is it?"

Stanley turned on his side and faced Marcus, propping his head up with his hand. "Okay, but don't laugh," Stanley said.

Marcus positioned himself like Stanley and faced him. "Promise," Marcus said.

"Its…Bucket," Stanley told him.

"Come on," Marcus said, "stop teasing. What is it?"

"It's Bucket, damn it!"

Marcus paused and then said, "Stanley Bucket? Stanley Bucket?" He burst into a fit of laughter.

"Fine, laugh," Stanley said, "everybody does."

"Its so appropriate, too!" Marcus said between laughter.

"You're a prick!" Stanley said, sitting up against the headboard with his lips pursed, crossing his arms against his chest.

Marcus smiled and controlled his laughter. He sat up too and looked at Stanley. "You're my Stanley Bucket," he said affectionately.

Stanley's pout turned to a big smile again and he threw his arms around a startled Marcus and embraced him.


Back in their motel room, Tommy, Adam, and Gary were preparing for bed.

Tommy and Adam were about to get into bed when they felt two eyes staring down their neck. They turned around and, as they thought, Gary was looking on intently from where he lay on his bed.

Adam slung an arm around Tommy's shoulder and glared at Gary. The two boys then got into bed.

"Why haven't you two had sex yet?" Gary suddenly asked.

"What?" Adam asked confused.

Tommy covered his face in embarrassment.

"Tommy said you two haven't fucked around yet," Gary told Adam. "Why haven't you?"

"Why are you asking?" Adam said.

"I promised Tommy I'd try to understand this whole 'him being gay' thing," Gary replied truthfully, "so what's the deal? Don't you guys wanna mess around?"

Adam didn't know how to respond. "I--we--" Adam began to blush.

"Gary," Tommy finally said, "please find less embarrassing ways to try to understand me, okay?"

"Come on," Gary insisted, "just answer my question."

"Gary," Tommy continued, "I know you're a Sex God, and I know how important sex is for you. But its not the only thing on our minds."

"Its not?" Gary asked.

"Go to sleep," Tommy said.

Several hours passed and it was late at night and Gary was fast asleep snoring. Adam had been asleep too, but he was suddenly awoken by movements on the bed. He opened his eyes and discreetly turned toward Tommy.

Tommy's part of the blanket was moving up and down. Adam realized what Tommy was doing and couldn't stop himself from gasping. Tommy tensed and panicked.

"I--I--er--" Tommy tried.

"I didn't see anything," Adam lied futilely.

Tommy sighed. "Damn it, Adam, I haven't jacked off since we arrived in this damned country and I wouldn't be surprised if my balls have swollen to the size of basketballs."

Adam began pulling down the blanket.

"Adam! What are you doing?!" Tommy said, holding the blanket up.

"Come on," Adam said and tugged the blanket. Tommy sighed and allowed it to be pulled down.

"I'm not that big," Tommy said as Adam saw it. It was a decent length and it was still erect and lay against his stomach.

Adam slowly moved his hand toward Tommy's erection. His fingertips brushed the cockhead and it sent chills through Tommy. Adam slid his hand between the shaft and Tommy's stomach and lifted the erection so it pointed toward the ceiling. He wrapped his hand around it and Tommy gulped nervously. Adam slowly began jerking it up and down and Tommy closed his eyes in pleasure. After a moment, Tommy began thrusting he hips up with Adam's jerks and he breathing got faster and heavier.

"Adam--Adam," Tommy said between breaths, "I think I'm gonna--oooh--" Tommy mouth hung open in pleasure as he began to shoot all over his stomach and pajamas. Days worth of stored semen spewed out drenching his pajama top.

When the last dribble of cum came out, Adam let go of Tommy's penis and wiped off his cum-covered hand on his own pajamas. Tommy continued breathing heavily, trying to catch his breath.

"I should go to the bathroom and clean up," Tommy finally said.

"You should," Adam said with a smile.

"Er--wait--" Tommy said, "what about you? Should I…?"

"I'm fine," Adam said, "I jacked off earlier when you were sleeping."

"Just earlier?" Tommy asked, "where did you--?"

"Into a tissue," Adam laughed, "now go get cleaned up."

Tommy nodded with a smile and got up to head to the bathroom.


The next morning the everybody was gathered in Marcus's house having breakfast. Marcus and Stanley looked happy. Adam and Tommy looked content. Gary looked aloof. The mothers were busily chatting. And Lynn looked very sexy in her designer morning-gown.

"So has Auntie told all of you the exciting news?" Lynn said to the boys.

"Oh, that's right!" Mrs. Andrews said merrily, "we're going to Lynn's house today to visit my sister."

"My house?" Lynn said with a frown, "its an estate, Auntie."

"We aren't going," Marcus said.

"Of course you are," Lynn replied, "And everyone else here." She paused and looked at Stanley. "Except you."

"What?" Stanley asked in confusion.

"Well, you're poor, darling. You'd steal," Lynn continued, "Plus, I overheard Auntie talking about him stealing Adam's wallet."

Stanley went red.

"Mother!" Marcus exclaimed.

"Well, I'm sorry, Marcus," Mrs. Andrews said, "I didn't mean for her to hear. We were talking about the day we thought you'd disappeared. And it was part of the incident. That's all."

"Well, very good, Mother," Marcus said irritably, "anyway, its of no bother to me. I'm refuse to step foot in that house."

"I didn't want to steal it," Stanley said desperately, "I'm really sorry, it won't happen again. I--I'm--"

"Don't waste your breath on her, Stanley," Marcus said and he reached over to hold Stanley's hand, "she isn't worth it."

Stanley calmed when he felt Marcus's touch and he smiled gratefully at him.

"Marcus," Mrs. Andrews said with intensity, "you are going to Lynn's house--er--manor--estate--and you will enjoy yourself. They are family and we love them. Tell Lynn you love her."

"Mum--" Marcus said, taken aback my his mother's sudden graveness.

"Now," she demanded.

Marcus pursed his lips and then shouted petulantly, "I'm not going!" He got up and stormed out of the kitchen. "Why aren't you following, Stanley!" he called from the living room."

Stanley looked at the others at the table as all their eyes were on him. He cleared his throat. "Sorry," he said pushing his chair back and getting up, "do excuse me."

He went to the living room and saw Marcus pacing back and forth.

"Filthy, rotten bitch," he said at the floor, "I won't set foot in her house. Pardon me--estate." He said the last word in bitterly.

"Marcus," Stanley said, putting his hand on Marcus's shoulder, "they're your family. Its just for today. Your mother really wants you to go."

Marcus pulled away. "Are you mad?" Marcus exclaimed, "were you not listening to what they said. They called you a thief and said you couldn't go!"

"Marcus," Stanley said tenderly, "I really appreciate you standing up for me. Really. You're wonderful." Stanley then looked at him seriously, "But going you have a family obligation and I'm not going to get upset because of it. There are things in life you'll have to do whether you'd like to or not. Some people have to work four jobs to raise their families. Orphans in third-world countries starve and suffer, but they try their best to survive. Your dreadful task is to visit a mansion for a day."

Marcus looked at the floor.

"Listen," Stanley said tenderly once more, "You'll be fine. Now go back in and tell them you'll go. If only to keep peace."

Marcus sighed and walked back to the kitchen. Stanley followed.

Marcus looked at his mother and said, "I'll go."

"Wonderful," Mrs. Andrews said clapping her hands together.

"If Stanley can come, too," Marcus replied.

"Marcus, don't," Stanley tried, but Marcus interrupted.

"Keep quiet, Stanley," Marcus said, "if I make a concession, then so do they."

Mrs. Andrews looked at Lynn.

Lynn rolled her eyes, "Oh, very well! But he has to wear to wear suit. All of you do. We're having a party in the evening and you all must look your best. Members of Parliament are coming, as well as Lord and Lady Sinclair and Baroness Van Dimen from Holland. We'll find you the proper attire before we leave."

The boys groaned.

"They're having Lords and demons at the party?" Gary whispered to Tommy, "Do you think they're gonna fight?"

Tommy sighed. Homophobic and a moron, Tommy thought, and yet I care about his opinion of me. Maybe I'm the moron. He smiled inwardly. He loved Gary very much, that's why he cared. He was like his brother. And Gary wasn't as dumb as everyone thought he was. They only were off only by a small percent, but he wasn't as dumb. Tommy laughed.

"What?" Gary asked.

"Nothing," Tommy replied with a chuckle, "it would be funny to watch them fight."

Gary agreed and laughed at the thought.

Tommy was glad that his friend was in good spirits. He hoped Gary would stay mirthful, at least for today.


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