Posh Imprisonment

By:Andrew Troy Keller

If I'm not mistaken,there are still some certain countries on our very planet Earth that have this law that says that it's forbidden for anyone besides the royal family to touch any one of the royal mistresses,because if one was foolish enough to do so,it's certain death.

The great kingdom of Shardon Kharg within the vast African dessert was one of those places where such a forbidden law is still enforced by the royal elite guard--and even though she has been selected by the great prince to be his pampered slave of pleasure,she was still very unhappy and kept on wishing for someone to release her from her posh imprisonment.

Then,on the Nineteenth day of June,a handsome young thief named Siddig al Dorna had arrived into town for some food and rest--but that was until he had spied the sad Paula Abdul type beauty looking out of one of the barred windows of the royal palace and yearning for some form of escape.

That was when he had decided to break into the palace,steal the girl and get their butts out of the kingdom,before he gets himself caught by the guards.

After he had distracted the guards with some small explosions,Siddig had sneaked his way into the palace and was able to release her from her imprisonment--and just before the guards were finally able to discover that they were played for a bunch of fools,Siddig and the former mistress had joined a traveling caravan and were already far away from the kingdom before the guards had returned to their posts and discovered her gone,thus making sure that the deadly punishment,instead of her foolhardy,yet handsome rescuer.