Chapter 7

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Eve awoke, there were restraints on her wrists, as usual. She must have had another one of her "episodes." She opened her eyes. But they were already open... why was it so dark? And why did the restraints feel like rope...? Then she remembered. Her neck stung and her arms ached. But she pulled her arm anyways, pulled it back, trying to snap the rope. She moaned. It had all happened. And she was in James' house, which was probably not only a house, it was probably a mansion.

"With catacombs beneath," she whispered

But she wasn't in the catacombs. The rope snapped and she undid the other rope. Not even her legs were bound. Whatever idiot did this was going to pay with his head. She crawled along the floor, until she rammed her head into wood. Eve ran her hands along it. A door. She didn't even try to open it. James always had his doors securely locked.

So she began to claw her way out.

James growled.


His yell ran through the halls.

He heard her screaming and clawing, scratching at the oak door. Though it was inches thick, he knew she was unstable. And she had a very high ambition.

Elrojé sighed. "Get a hold of yourself James..."

James clenched his fists, digging his nails into his palms, until they bled. His voice was poisonous.

"Who did I have lock her up?"

"Antony..." said Elrojé, "James... What do you do when you're usually angry? Lay with one of your women? Kill one of them? Turn one of them...?"

"I kill. I just KILL," spat James through clenched teeth.

"Good," said his companion, "I spot a victim now."

Antony was coming up the stairs.

Eve screamed with rage. Her hands were covered in splinters, fingers drenched in sticky blood. Her own blood. The flesh ripped from her finger tips, or punctured with scores of long, painful splinters.

"LET ME OUT JAMES!!" She screeched, banging her fists against the pitted door.

Something crawled across her hands and she flicked it away. Just a spider.

And she began once again to tear at the door.

James had killed Antony, the young sireling.

Then Elizabeth came out of the shadows and bowed.

"James..." she trailed off, diverting her eyes.

He nodded, a bit more relaxed now that he had killed something.

"You're free... you can have the boy... but you will still be in my other services... correct?"

She nodded, grinning the vampires' soulless grin, "Of course... I am tied to this place... I have nowhere else to go."

James laughed, "Make him one of us."

Elizabeth smirked, and walked down the hall.

Elrojé raised an eyebrow, "If I know you, you're going to go out and make another girl yours?"

"Not tonight my friend..."

"Ah... yes... we must mourn Rista... you especially... Should I inform the house? A silence?"

"Yes," agreed James, massaging his temples. "With all the noise..."

Elrojé caught his meaning, grinning, "When I'm done alerting the house... do you want me to shut her up?"

"Of course," whispered James.

He watched Elrojé walk down the stairs, then walked to the end of the hall, into the door of his bedroom. It was empty. No Rista. Daggers shot into his gut. Of course, he actually had to love her. If Elizabeth had died... He would have mourned... been slightly sad... But she had been his sire... and been with him his entire 401 years as a child of the darkness.

Flames on a black candle danced. James fell heavily into he bed, smelling the dark sheets. The smelled of her. He let his fingers fall into the flame of the candle, and it felt like ice. He blew out the flame. He wanted utter darkness.

Eve heard someone come up the stairs and she could tell they had a purpose. Unconsciously, she had stopped attacking the door. She froze... he was coming this way. Involuntarily, she backed away from the door. Locks clicked open, she backed away farther. James wanted her to stop. But it wasn't he who was behind that door. He was making sure someone else saw to what he wanted. And they were going to use their own means... to put it lightly. The door opened slightly, letting in very dim candle light... it burned her eyes. It seemed so bright after the sheer darkness. Smoothly, a shadow slipped in with the light. The door was closed.

And someone locked it. She was trapped. Red eyes gleamed above her in the blackness, as she crouched on the cold floor, forcing herself not to back farther away. But she wasn't brave enough to look into those eyes, for fear of what... the vampire would do to her. She closed her eyes, the terror was so consuming. When she reopened her eyes, the vampire was kneeling right in front of her. He had lit the torches. A knife gleamed in his hands, eyes burning like blood.

"Elrojé," she gasped.

He only touched her neck with an icy hand, caressing the bite mark he had inflicted upon her. Elrojé noticed her bleeding hands. Pocketing his knife, he grabbed them tightly enough so that she couldn't pull her hands out of his grip, bringing her fingers to his lips, licking the blood away. She cried out, pain shooting through her hand and up her arm, biting her lip so hard, she could taste blood. The vampire could smell it. Elrojé leaned over and stuck his tongue into her mouth, greedily licking up the blood. She giggled as his fangs caressed her lips, then he pulled away, leaning his head back, blood running over his lips.

She laughed manically, "Are you going to warn me now...? Fine." She tilted her head back, waiting for the feeling of his fangs in her neck.

Then he bit her roughly, drinking deeply, seemingly inhaling her blood. A strangled noise escaped Eve's throat. He bit harder, pulling her closer. Finally, he let go, reality now seeming only to float within grasp. Looking as menacing as ever, he ran the knife down her cheek.

"Is that a painful enough warning?" he whispered harshly, blood and flesh on his lips.

Elrojé's ruby eyes seemed to challenge her, asking her if she wanted him to take more blood, cause her more pain.

She shook her head, eyes wide in a child-like manner.

He stood, lust and blood-lust blazing in his ember-like eyes, extinguishing the torches as he left, once again closing the door. The wings of night fell upon her again.


"Darkness," whispered James and Eve, unaware the word was spoken in unison in another room.

Both felt completely alone.