Somewhere back there my past lies dying
Cuz out here nobody'll ever care about it
So as the dust keeps drifting I'll go too
But when it settles I'll still be moving on.
Every day the land changes into desert
Every day a little more is worn away
The sand and the stones and the burning sun
The hot days the cold nights as I move along.
Between the wasteland and the sky
There stands an infinite plane
Full of dreams, memories of times
That others who've walked the same way
So when you start searching for the truth
Look between the wasteland and the sky
I've seen a lot of aimless wanderers
But I'm, not the same as them at all
I have a reason I have a purpose
To always be going (going) my way
Every day, I forget what happened before
Every day, I wish I could find the shore
The good and the guilty and the ghosts of the past
The fallen and the fearless who've forgotten their home...
If you only look forward,
You'll miss seeing something good.
The lessons of the desert are passed on...
Between the wasteland and the sky,
That's where you'll always find me.