With You
Run... from your past and
Your faults that pursue you
There's no escape... from the anger,
The hate and the prejudice.
So when the fog rises up from
The streets of he city
Where the run'ways, the misfits
And outcasts live
Think... of me
And I'll start running too.
That's the way life will be,
That's the way life will go...
As you walk down that road.
Though tough times will not stop
And the danger won't too.
I'd rather spend every
Living second with you
Survive... make your
Own way in this place.
When you breakdown... come see me
And I'll make you right again
And if you get lost one day
And you cannot get back
No matter which paths you take
Remember... to hate a part of you
is to hate yourself.
Through every moment,
I wanna be by your side.
Through danger and the good
I'll spend every living
Second with you.