While I Am

Tired of being bored,
Tired of being ignored
Sick of being left
Out and forgotten
Can't stand bein' rejected,
Don't wanna look at my reflection
And see the cast out that I am
Somebody come and help me,
Someone who's not insane
Someone who'll give me love,
Without all of the pain
I wanna shout, I wanna scream
Cuz I want the world to see what I see
It ain't gonna happen, there's no way
While I am unheard, unsung...
While I'm not real
All I am to them is
A flicker, a memory
Of what they've put behind them
I wish they'd look harder at this
Metaphorical world of ours,
They'd see I'm not invisible
Somebody wake up and hear me,
Someone who knows the way
Someone to guide me through,
Without leading me astray.
Without help none of us will make it,
We'll all fall and die.
I hate how dark it is here,
How the moon never really rises
In the hazy, broken sky
Somebody get them and awake me,
Someone who's full of light
Someone to hold me close and dear,
Someone who just feels right...
I wanna shout, I wanna scream...
Cuz the world will never see what I see
I am loved and together we're forgotten
While I am unheard, unsung...
While I'm not real.