"you said the acorns falling sounded like rain drips"

turns out velvet underground kinda sucks
turns out all i want to do now is kiss him
now that i broke up with him
an hour ago
i made him give me a hug goodbye
and his name was never sweeter
and his back and shoulders never felt so good under my arms
and the skin of his neck never called so loud
momentarily i squeezed my eyes shut
i expected this
you never love someone as much as you do
when you're breaking up cuz you're not in love anymore

i think i will always remember
the temperature of his skin
the smell of his shirt
as i hugged him goodbye
and that moment that
where i wanted to kiss him till i stopped breathing
but instead put my hands in my pockets
and watched him get in his car
and heard him start it
and i walked to my front door without a tear

just an agony lining my veins
like plaque on teeth
and velvet underground mismatches my mood so much
that this moment seems surreal

i miss you already