The Train Alone
Whistle cries an echo distant
Fall across the playground whispers
Creaking chains abandoned swingsets
The children laugh in line
The children smile in time

Boarding cars in raucous grouping
Benches creaking full and joyous
Moving forward trav'ling onward
One rider sits alone
One rider sighs alone

What passes behind those eyes?
So much of the world gone by you
As you sit, passive passenger of life,
What do you see?

Do you remember your love's last smile,
When she stood on the bridge with you
And looked into the water
And spoke of forever blossoms
And water under your feet?

Do you dream of one day, perhaps soon,
When you no longer need to ride
And all will pass by you
And you'll join her
And she will laugh again?

Do you escape today
When you can't see that spring
And fall's first leaf slips
And drifts into the stream
And you ride the train alone?