Rain Childe

The drops
Come down
Bits of joy.

I am a rain child.
Child of the south.
In rain
In rain.
Get life
Its gentleness.

It excites me
Scares me,
Causes me to wonder.

A child
Once said
It meant
God was crying.
Is that so?

It is gloomy,
But not.
A cleanser,
But something
That can make
You feel dirty

It gives life,
Yet washes
Things away.

It is also Lonely..
A solitary
Kind of weather
You can't play
With your friends
in it,
without someone

Bringer of colds,
Taker of outside games,
It remains.

A rainbow comes,
Showing God's love.

I miss him,
I need to move on.
Will the rain
Wash the thoughts
From my memory,
The ones
That won't
Come true.
I don't know
Probably not.

I am standing
Unsure what is ahead,
Except always
In my future
Is the rain.
At least
I can count on something.