What is my problem?
I have all these issues
They scare me.
How I can I be a normal person?
Maybe, I should
Stop hoping that one day I can be that
I don't know it is complicated.
My counselor said she was going to
Help me try to figure out
Where some of these thoughts
Came from.
Is that possible?
I think I am too messed up.
I don't know.
A lot of my problems,
I don't want to talk about,
I accidently told someone
Recently, one of them.
He hasn't told anyone.
But what does that mean.
He confided he did a similar
Thing, when he was little.
The key word, being did.
I still do it sometimes.
I am also afraid of cars, and other things.
The car one people think they know,
I think it started before I got hit.
People are bad drivers.
I think most of my problems
Stem from thinking,
I don't think,
Or I think too much.
Both which are seen as a bad thing
In society.
I can't ever win.
I don't belong in this society,
Too many rules,
Too many contradictions.
I am not suicidal..
It just seems the world might
Be better without me.
I seem to complain too much.
Even my essence seems to be
I am shy,
But outgoing.
But with friends.
I care about my job,
But I hate it.
I drive myself crazy,
I must drive other
People crazy.
I guess I should be use
To that.
But I am not.
Maybe this is the year,
I can fix me,
Or maybe that is my problem.
I think I need to be fixed.
But there may be nothing
Really wrong.