To My Friends
I probably complain a lot.
I really am not sure how,
you guys put up with me all the time.
I worry constantly about our friendships.
Am I dragging you down?
I don't get how you stand by me
One of my friends never seems
happy around me anymore.
I know it isn't because of me.
But we seem to clash too much.
I worry about him.
I just wish our lives weren't sadness
And drama.
I also, worry about my other friends.
They all seem very stressed.
No one wants to talk about it though.
I feel bad,
Because I always seem to be griping.
Do I give them a chance to speak.
Probably not.
I guess it is because I have been invisible
Most of my life
And now people, seem to be able to see me.
I don't want them to run away
Like other people have.
I don't want to end our friendships.
I don't!
But if I am getting annoying,
Or stressing you out,
Or am bothering you
In any way.
Please tell me.
I am blind, and deaf,
Most of the time,
Living in my own cocoon of things.
I don't want people to hold grudges to me.
I am going to behave myself,
This week,
Or try.
I ask no favors this week.
If you are busy, that is fine.
I am not going to bug anyone,
At work, or whatever.
If you want to hang out,
That is fine.
We can do that.
Also, talk to me first.
So, I don't feel like butting in.
I know in away this is kind of a favor,
But I am not sure how to get the things done,
That I need to get done,
Which is right now
Trying to push the negative
Things out of my life,
So I can find the happiness
That is lingering below the surface.