I am not sure how I feel on this subject,
Should it be open,
Or closed.
I know what it represents..
But does that mean I should participate all the time.
My friend, and I went to church the other day.
Neither of us participated.
I felt bad.
Everyone else was,
But I am not sure how I feel
We sit there awkwardly watching everyone else participate.
They all are unified.
Maybe that is why I didn't participate.
I don't feel unified right now.
I feel sad,
A stranger in a strange place.
Maybe one day this will be different.
Is it okay to not participate,
But still love God.
Is he offended by that.
I hope not.
I think he knows I love him,
But it has always seemed strange to me,
Almost cannibalistic..
I am confused.
Open or closed,
I guess I will figure it out one day.
God will give me the answer one day,
And then maybe it won't be so awkward,
And I can do what I am convicted to do,
Without shame.