I hate love so much
the power it has over me
how miserable it makes me
I hate it so much

I've had enough
of this thing called love
where all I want to do is die
and scream at you
and yell and give up

but I can't because you're not all bad
sometimes you're absolutely perfect

and maybe it's just me
and maybe I should stop worrying
and stop caring so much
stop falling so hard
and taking everything so seriously
and stop loving you
because you can't love me
you don't know what love is
you've never had your heartbroken

but maybe you do love me
and maybe you do care
maybe I'm overreacting

why can't you just chose a side?
sweet or crappy
I could make up my mind then
why can't you be all bad or all good
why do you have to change your mind all the time?
Why do you have to tear me a part?
I'm torn between loving you
and hating you
and how you can make me feel
but loving you so much
and the way I feel when you're with me

but then you say something
and all I want to do is cry
or even die

I just hate this thing called love
this beautiful senseless thing
that has so much power over me
the power to make me want to return
to the way I used to be
with a knife in one hand
and a river of blood flowing from my other

why do you have so much power over me?
why can't this be simple?
black or white
right or wrong
perfect or awful

why is it that I feel miserable
and jubilant
all because of one word for you

I hate this thing called love
I just hate it so much
I never should've given it a second chance

but what can I do now?
now I'm engulfed in love
and consumed with anguish

why do I love you so much?