Try Don't Die!

He lay on the ground defenceless
A man over him with a spear
Jabbing and jabbing with no remorse
Pained anguish, which has never
Been heard comes out of his mouth
She saw the pain on his face
Not the dark wall he hides behind
She kneeled and took his hand
Not embarrassed but it seemed quite
Logical and sensible, compassionate
She was surprised his eyes were
Open now and smouldering green
His knuckles whitened
Her love for him was boiling over
She just found him and now
He's leaving, behind his life and fondness of the world
There was a silence while she fought
With the raw truth of this
He was ready to go, but she was not
She felt a horrible calm creep over her
There were so many shocks tonight she didn't
Feel the need to scream or dissolve in to hysterics
The light was fading from his eyes
She said something that lingered in the
Silence, which broke everything he was

"To Go on Trying"