Do I Go Deeper?

I sit on my bed
Wishing I was dead
Tears never ending
Fears never pending

My heart in knots
With love at a loss
And no one to make
It right

People say don't
You'll be fine
But how come
I don't believe that line

I sit there in the dark
Wondering if this is enough
Does my heart just
Yearn to lust

Do I go deeper?
To get the right effect
Or is this enough
Blood that I've left

Now sitting on the floor
Knife by my side
Thinking one more
Won't hurt, right

Knife in hand
It's like one
For the road
Or maybe two for the long journey

But one day
It might not be great
I may go to far
Feeling this hate

So, I try to stop
Really I do
But it feels so good
To go a little deeper

So Maybe I Do