Chapter One

"You there! What are you doing?!" a guard called out. He looked over to the man and scowled, if only he could get ahold of a sword he'd make that damned guard shut his yap. Standing up he quickly dusted himself off. For about an hour now he had been lounging around trying to avoid working but unluckly for him he'd been caught.

"Yes sir?" he said walking over to the guard who was suited up in full armor, he looked ready to go to war.

"Quiet fucking around boy! The ball is in less than five hours and you're goofing around! Go help those in the kitchen then get yourself dressed in something other then those rags!" the guard shouted giving him a big shove. He stumbled for a second then regained his composure. He ran a hand through his hair and made his way to the kitchen. He was one of the several slaves of the castle and mostly likely the most worked. He got maybe an hour of sleep everyday if he was lucky.

"One of these days I'm going to-" his ranting was cut short as he turned the corner and saw her.

"Would you please stop fussing over me mother? I already agreed to attend this ball isn't that enough?" the voice was soft and sounded almost angelic. Hiding himself against the wall he peeked over to look at them. It was forbidden for any slaves to stare at royalty to long but he couldn't help it when it came to her.

"Honestly Giah do you think we'd hold a ball unless we wanted you to choose a suitor? You are of the age now where you should settle down and start a family," another voice said. Keisuke knew who the first was, Princess Giah. The second he guessed was her mother, Queen Sayko.

"Mom would you stop reminding me? Do I have to hear that day and night? Why don't you go tell all this fasinating stuff to Keiko?" Giah said turning around to face her mother. This was about the third or fourth time today her mother had brought the subject of marraige up. Sure it would be nice to have someone to start a family with but it would be on her own terms.

"Because your sister already knows all this. At least keep it in consideration when you go to the ball tonight. Oh and did I tell you who was coming!" her mother then went on with a long string of names of supposedly famous people. Still hiding around the corner he felt sorry for her and decided to do something about it.

"Oh god here comes more whipping," he muttered but put that thought aside. Looking around he saw a slave come from the kitchen with cups and a pitcher full of water on a platter. Walking over to the girl he asked for the platter. She frowned then shrugged and handed it to him. Walking back to where he was he held then platter up high and turned the corner where Giah's mother was still recieting the long list of names. Giah looked up and saw him turn the corner to where she and her mother were. She looked at him questioningly, what was he doing?

' just...' he thought to himself and suddenly tripped. The platter flew out of his hands and the cups landed on the floor with a crash. The pitcher soon followed and the water splashed everywhere.

"Oh god I'm so sorry!!" he put on the fake act he had, the scared wimpy slave boy. He scampered across the floor picking up the glass pieces.

"You clumsy fool! Guard!" the queen called. He looked up to Giah who was staring at the scene in shock, his eyes darted to the other hallway telling her to get moving. She slowly shook her head and he gave her a look that said get going!

"Is there a problem my queen?" the same guard who had shoved him earlier appeared. Seeing that the queen was distracted Giah reluctantly slipped away glacing over her shoulder once seeing the guard lift him to his feet.

"You again Keisuke! What the hell is wrong with you boy?" the guard shouted as he pinned him against the wall. Keisuke growled, he hated being called boy since he was eighteen and considered a man in this society.

"I'm sorry sir!" he whimpered putting the fake act up once more.

"What would you have me do my queen?" the guard turned to her. She looked at him with a hidious smirk on her face.

"You are to clean this up with your bare hands, your bare hands understand? And lick the water so the floor is all clean," she told him as the guard abrubtly let him go.

"....yes my queen," he muttered and saw her glare once more before she walked off the gaurd following her.

"Isn't that the same boy that-"

"Yes m'lady the same one that is seen watching your daughter and has been whipped several times for it," the guard informed her.

"Have him whipped once more later today, I don't like him. Maybe we will even sell him," she smiled and walked away.

"God why the hell do I keep doing this," Keisuke mumbled to himself as he grabbed a small bucket and placed it on the ground. He slowly picked up the glass on the floor with his bare hands.

"What was that," the guard had walked back over to where he was.

"Nothing sir," he answered.

"You'd better watch yourself boy," the guard said once more then left. Keisuke looked up glaring at him and looked back down as a sharp pain shot through his hands.

"Aw fuck," he said looking at his hand, he was holding a piece of glass and had balled his fist when the guard started talking to him. Now that piece of glass was sticking halfway in his hand. With his other hand he gripped the glass piece and quickly pulled it out,"Ahhh!" he winced and tossed the piece into the bucket. Blood slowly oozed from his hand, ripping a small piece of tunic he tied it tightly around his hands. With a heavy sigh he continued his work.


"Annoucing the Crown Prince of Andaci, Prince Kai!" the royal annouced shouted the names throughout the great hall. The guest were arriving quickly and food was quickly brought out of the kitchen for them. The ball was being held in a large hall which was beautifully decorated and a large chandelir hung high in the middle of the room. Two long tables were set on each side of the room, in the middle was a large space for dancing. Each of the tables seated at least a hundred people so it was safe to say there was about four hundred guest in the room, then there were the many servants and slaces running around.

"The King and Queen of Sangi!" another annoucement was made but she paid no notice to it. She felt uncomfortable being seated next to her mother and father on the throne seats. She wanted to walked around the room and talk with people but her mother said it was poor manners or something. Her father nodded and signaled to the muscians who started to play the waltz. He stood up and offered a hand to her mother and the two made their way to the dance floor. Soon after those two entered the floor was filled with couples. Looking to her far right she stared dumbfounded at her sister who was surrounded by people, mostly males.

"That girl is shamelessly flirting," she said shaking her head but sat there uninterested but eagerily awaited the drinks.

He finally finished dressing up, he wore the clothes all servants wore at balls, a simple white tunic and black pants. His hair was about shoulder length and he knew they would soon make him cut it. His hand had been rebandaged but still throbbed painfully. Walking to the door he reached to open it but before he could it swung open by itself.


"Well?" a girl asked. She layed on her stomach on the branch of a tree that overlooked the castle. The breeze outside was nice and cool as it blew through them.

"Let's do this, should be simple enough," another voice above her said.

"Yeah let's get moving," someone on the ground said and started moving towards the castle. The two in the tree leaped down and followed behind him.

"So you sure kidnapping this girl will get the king to reconfigure some of his laws Kaze?" the girl asked the one in the lead.

"I don't know, if not we can at least get a pretty good ransom out of her," Kaze smirked. They all wore loose black pants, Kaze wore a dark red tunic, the girl a dark blue one and the other a light blue.

"Hey can we take some stuff from the place as well? They've got some pretty good stuff," the other said rubbing his hands together.

"Sure Kouri as long as you're not caught, cause if you are me and Kira leave without you," Kaze laughed and took off running.

"Hey!" Kouri shouted as he and Kira took off after him.


"Keisuke we were just looking for you," the guard smirked as he lead him out of his room and down the halls.

"I was just about to get the drinks sir," Keisuke told him, he wondered what the heck was going on.

"I know that boy, now grab those drinks and follow me," the guard ordered and shoved him into the kitchen. He walked over to a table that had several cups and a bottle of wine, slowly he poured some into each cup. He took one for himself and drank it quickly,"It's gonna be a long night."

"Be quick about it!" the guard shouted and Keisuke walked over to him, holding the platter of drinks carefully. If he dropped anything in here it would mean his head. He looked around trying to find her but then strangely the queen walked over to them.

"Ah there he is, follow me boy," she ordered and he did as he was told.

She perked up the minute he entered the room but frownded seeing that he was know following her mother. Wondering what was going on she stood up to walk over to them but was stopped as someone grabbed her hand and kissed it.

"M'lady allow me to introduce myself," he said as he bowed elegantly,"My name is Prince Kaito the Twenty-Third of the Kingdom of Andaci but you my dear can call me Kai," he smiled egotistically. She wanted to knock his lights out but bowed.

"It's an honor to meet you," she said and made a move to walk off but he held her hand once more.

"Might you accompany me in a dance?" he asked smiling again, dear god how she now hated that smile.

"You may," she said trying hard not to punch him, she had to dance with those who asked or else she'd never hear the end of it from her parents. He led her onto the dance floor and they started dancing. His hands started to wander but she ended that quickly by "accidently" stepping on his feet.

"Oh I'm so sorry!" she held in her laughter.

"It's uh..quiet alright," he said and held in a scream. As they danced Giah looked to where her mother and Keisuke were now. Both were standing at the table on the right, her mother was talking to a man and women as Keisuke slowly placed the cups of wine down infront of them. She smiled seeing him but then saw her mother wave a hand to Keisuke and saw the man and women look up to observe him.

' What are you doing mother? ' she thought to herself as she looked to who sat next to the man and women, it was her most hated "friend" Glandis. Giah glared at her as she watched Glandis eye Keisuke then saw her whisper to her father. He nodded and patted her on the head and looked to her mother, the two of them then shook hands.

"Excuse me," Giah said and escaped Kai's grasp and headed over to where her mother was now,"Mother may I speak with you?"

"In a second darling," her mother looked to her then back to the man,"Oh yes Count this is my daughter Giah. I believe she and your daughter are very good friends. Also Giah here was just dancing with your son," her mother introduced her. Glandis gave her a look, almost bragging of something.

"Ah yes, lovely girl. I trust Kai was a gentlemen. Now then I will send my guard to pick him up later tonight, do have his things all ready," the Count said to her mother. Giah looked up, pick who up?

"I will do that, it was lovely talking to you," her mother said and noded to the Counts wife.

"You boy, you are now mine. You shall find that my rules are a bit more strict then those here but if you just behave you will get along fine," the Count said taking a sip of wine and looked over to Keisuke. Giah silently gasped and looked over to him, he was standing there not looking at her, his gaze lowered to the floor.

"Yes sir," he said and looked up. With a bow he excused himself and walked back to the kitchen. Her mother walked away and with one more smirk from Glandis Giah did as well.

"Mother why did you sell that boy? He was one of our best slaves," Giah said trying to make it sound as if she didn't care for him that much.

"Yes I am aware of that dear but he was disobediant. The Count offered me five good slaves just for him," her mother said and sat down which meant the discussion was closed. Giah nodded and went to follow Keisuke and saw her sister standing at the doorway.

"You're not going after the peasant are you?" Keiko laughed and her entourage laughed as well. Not wanting to get into anything with her sister at the moment she merely smirked and walked away.

"What's up with her eh? She's actually first in line for the throne ain't she?" one of the entourage asked.

"Yes, I can't believe it!" Keiko shouted and stormed away.

Giah walked down the deserted hallways tring to figure out where Keisuke might have gone. Thinking back she remembered that he had to pack so she headed outside towards the slave chambers. She crossed into a courtyard where the moonlight lit the flowers up beautifully, it was so peaceful she thought.

"Don't move m'lady or your next step will be your last," a voice called from the darkness. She stopped and looked around seeing no one.

"Who goes there? I have guards with me, they'll show you no mercy," she bluffed hoping they would take it. Laughter came from all around her.

"You mean these guards? The ones whose heads and blood is littered across the grounds at the moment? If you mean them then I'm afraid you're in a bit of trouble," the voice laughed again. She looked around once more and shuddered, she couldn't see a damned thing! She thought of running but before she could someone run up from behind her and placed a cloth to her face. In seconds she fell limp into the mans arms.

"Princess? Are you out here?" a voice called. The three strangers stood in the darkness and nodded to each other, two of them ran off, one of them holding the princess and the other stayed behind slipping back into the darkness.


Keisuke shoved his clothes in a small bag and everything else that he owned. He sighed seeing that everything he ever owned fit into such a small bag. Taking one last look around he walked to the courtyard. He breathed in a breath of fresh air but then stopped and held his nose, death lingered in the air. Walking forward he stumbled over something round and felt his shoes step on some thick slippery substance.

"What the hell is going on," he said as he quickened his pace but then once more stopped. The moon helped him to see ahead of him, a man was standing over the corpse of another, a knife was in his hands and something dripped from the tip of it, blood. The man looked to him and Keisuke jumped back. He waited for the man to run at him and closed his eyes but nothing happened. When he opened his eyes again he saw that the man was gone. He shuddered but then quickly ran inside to alert a guard.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going!" a guard called to Keisuke, it was of course the same one that continued to make his life a living hell.

"Sir! We've been invaded! There was a man outside an-"

"Shut your mouth and get your ass over here. Finally they're getting rid of you," the guard smirked as he dragged Keisuke to the southern exit.

"Would you please listen to me? There's a murdered loose!" Keisuke struggled but was no match for this man.

"I'd advise you to keep your mouth shut at this new place, they're much more...hehe strict then we are," the guard gave a great laugh and Keisuke felt himself beind tossed into a couch, his bag was thrown in after him and it hit him in the head. The door shut quickly and he tried to stand up but was shoved backwards the the couch bolted foreward.


Two people on horse back raced through the night away from the castle, the princess as on the back of one of them. They ran through the forest, the moon their only light. They exchanged one glance at each other and pulled on the reins tightly making the horses stop quickly. They jumped down from the horses and drew their swords.

"Come out!" one yelled. Two figures walked up to them out of the darkness.

"Hmm it would seem you were right Kira, they're nothing but simple assasins," Kaze said as he looked to the two of them.

"I can't believe these guys beat us to it, oh well. Hey you two, we'll be taking the princess now," Kira called to them.

"What?! You take us for fools?" the two screamed and lunged at Kira and Kaze who quickly drew their swords. Kira ran at the one on the left, she brought the blade to the mans leg and hacked a good chuck of it off. She then turned around quickly and thrust the blade into the mans back, placing a foot on his back she kicked his body away pulling the blade away.

"You wench!" the other man shouted and stupidly ignored Kaze running up to him. He brought his blade sideways and swung at the man head, the front part of the mans face flew to the ground. Kaze then shoved the blade deep in the mans chest and twisted the blade slowly then pulled it out. The man stood there for a minute, his face bloody as hell then fell backwards.

"You're a sick man Kaze," the two of them looked to the side and saw Kouri walking up to them, a horses followed behind him.

"Yeah well they pissed me off, I can't believe some chump assasins beat us to getting the princess," Kaze growled.

"Well we have her now, let's get going before they send guards," Kira said as she mounted one of the horses, the princess still drugged in the back of it. Kouri and Kaze mounted their horses and with a click of their tongues the horses took off.


The scene back at the castle was mass chaos. A servant had found the disembered bodies of the guard and one stranger in the courtyard and panicked, they ran straight into the ball and screamed repeatedly blood and limps. Needless to say the guest left in a hurry. Now the whole castle was filled with guards and the news of the missing princess spread quickly around.

"I want guards out night and day, fine her!" the king shouted. The queen and Keiko were balling their eyes out but anyone else could see it was fake. They mostly likely didn't care that she was missing.


She woke up to the smell of fresh fish. Opening her eyes she gasped seeing that she was outside, just then everything that had happened came back to her. She quickly stood up and looked around.

"Hey look who's awake," she heard someone say and turned to her right. A girl sat there sharpening her sword against a slab. She was about the same height as Giah and had shoulder length blue hair. Trying to remember where she knew that blue hair from Giah stood still for a minute.

"Who are you? You're the murderers aren't you?!" Giah then shouted and looked around for something to defend herself with, seeing a long stick on the ground she picked it up and went into a stance, she twirled the stick once and aimed it at the girl.

"For a princess you're pretty good though I doubt you would been able to defend yourself against Kira," someone else laughed and suddenly the stick was cut in half,"What exactly was that thing going to do to our swords?" Giah glared and looked to her left seeing to more people walk up to them. One was extremely tall, he had short silver hair and cold grey eyes. The other was a bit taller than Giah, he had spikey blond hair. As Giah watched them she noticed that each of them had symbol on the back of their necks. Two wings were on the sides of their knecks and two slash marks were in the middle. She knew she should have recognized it but she was to tired to do anything.

"You all are nothing more then a bunch of no good murderers! The guards will find you soon enough," she said not giving in to them.

"Well I doubt that miss, we're about three days ride away from your kingdom," Kira answered as she got up and shielthed the sword,"Kouri, Kaze you guys find anything?" Giah sank back down, three days? Was she really that far from home?"

"Nope, no one's after us. We're pretty much home free," Kouri laughed and looked over to Giah,"So what do we do with her now?"

"We first find some place to rest besides this forest, there's a neighboring kigndom called Andaci, it's about anothers day ride from here so let's get going," Kaze said as he put out the fire with a water from a canteen.

"Let's go," Kira said walking over to Giah and offered her a hand smiling. Giah looked up and slapped her hand away.

"I don't need help from the likes of you," she said placing her hands on her hips. Kaze raced by on his horse and grabbed her up and sat her down in the seat. Kira and Kouri leaped on their horses and followed behind him.

"So one days ride huh? Will we make it back to my home before the...." Kira started then took a glance at Giah then back to Kaze.

"We'll make it in time, no worries," Kouri said from behind them and Kira nodded.

"Where are you taking me?" Giah demanded as the horses ran through the forest.

"The Kingdom of Andaci, don't you listen wench?" Kouri asked turning to look at her. Instead of answering Giah kept quiet. Andaci...wasn't that the kingdom Keisuke was sold to? If she just kept quiet and let them take her there maybe she could escape and get help from him.


"You fools, you were all supposed to go in storm the castle and kill her. Where in my instructions did I say send three men?" a voice said. The room was completly dark, the lights put out and the shades pulled.

"We thought three was enough, we had no idea there would be others," another voice answered,"We have sent the rest of the men out to find them. It won't take long."

"Good, the second she is dead you shall get the second half of your payment."


Giah woke up to the sound of rain, looking around she saw that they had arrived in Andaci. No one was outside since it was pouring, Giah gasped and noticed that someone had put a cloak on her. Kaze then dragged her quickly off the horse and she stumbled a bit since she was still sleepy and her shoes slid and bit in the mud.

"Do you have any room sir?" she saw Kira go to an inn and ask. The man shook his head and slammed the door shut. Giah looked to Kira, she was the only one without a cloak.

"I don't think they like you Kira," Kouri laughed as Kira walked back over to them. She and Giah exchanged a look then Kira turned to Kaze.

"There's still two more inns up ahead, let's go," Kaze said as he pulled the horses with him. Kouri followed him as Kira turned to her.

"You coming? Gotta get outta the rain," she said looking at her. Giah slowly walked over to her.

"Why are you being so nice to me?" she said endicating the cloak.

"Oh that, don't read to much into it. I just didn't want you to get sick and die on us, that's all," Kira said with a smirk then started moving. Giah stood there for awhile the rain slowly soaking into the cloak then quickly followed behind them. Looking ahead she could see the castle of Andaci, if she could escape from these three then she could find..oh what was that morons name...Kai! She would find Kai then have him take her to Keisuke then..then...she sighed.

' I'll make the rest up as I go,' she told herself. They stopped once more and this time the keeper welcomed them inside. Kouri took the horses towards the stable as Giah followed Kira and Kaze. The inn wasn't all that crowded, actually it looked almost bare.

"How long will you four be staying and how many rooms?" the keeper asked as Kouri walked in.

"Just a couple of days, two rooms will do thank you," Kira said and the keep tossed her two keys.

"Alright here's the plan for today, get cleaned up, find some food then sleep. We'll figure out what to do with her in the morning," Kaze said as he took one of the keys and he and Kouri walked upstairs.

"Come on," Kira called over to Giah and they headed up to their room.


Keisuke looked wearily around the dungen, he had been there for two days...or was it three? Time was not exactly on his mind at the moment. From the second he arrived they had tossed him in here and had given him no food nor water. The guard told him it was to help him learn some respect.

"Oh god.." he mumbled and turned to his side on the ground. There was a bed in the far corner but at the moment he couldn't move. The rattling of keys could be heard and the squick of the cell door made him turn around.

"What a state you're in," Glandis laughed as she walked into the cell, a canteen of water in her hands. The guard shut the cell door and went back to his post. She walked over to him and stood hovering above him,"Would you like some water? If you stand up I'm give you some," she taunted holding the canteen high above his head.

With a sigh he balled his fist and slowly stood up using the wall behind him to balance him. He wobbled a bit but steadied himself and reached out for the canteen. Glandis smiled and opened it for him then just as she was about to hand it to him she turned it upside down spilling half of the contents on the ground.

"Oh...darn I am so clumsy sometimes," she said and looked at him with a nasty smirk,"Be a dear and like it all from the ground would you? If you do you can have the rest of this." Keisuke sighed as he tryed hard to remain standing, he looked to the puddle of water on the ground then to her. With a glare he shook his head.

"I said lick it off the floor, do it!" Glandis screamed this time but Keisuke refused to move. With that she chucked the water into his face and left the empty canteen on the floor as she exited. Keisuke slumped to the floor once more and layed down again, all hope of every escaping this place was gone. He closed his eyes slowly, the vision of a brown haired girl put him to sleep.


It was late at night everyone had gone to sleep. Quietly shoving her blanket off of her Giah stood up slowly. She looked over to Kira ad gasped seeing that she was sitting up watching her.

"Why are you still awake?" she asked thinking her plan had failed. What was worse she heard Kira start to laugh.

"You know I can't figure you out Princess, most in your position would be begging us to let them go, offering money or whatever but you...You wanted us to take you here, I want to know why," Kira said crossing her hands. Giah's eyes darted to the door then back to Kira, could she make it out of the room?

"Oh you can go ahead and run but I promise you you won't get far. Now could you just answer my question, why this place?" Kira asked again, you could tell she was getting a bit impatient.

"....I have a friend here. He's one of the slaves that use to work in my castle but he was sold here," Giah told her and glared at her when she heard more laughing.

"You' to be kidding me. You mean you put your life in the hands of three assasins just so you could come here to save a slave?" Kira said inbetween breaths.

"How dare you?! I don't care if you believe me or not I'm going to help him. Sooner or later you have to sleep," Giah shouted and Kira stopped laughing.

"I didn't say I don't believe you, in fact," she smirks,"I'm going to come with you."


The darkness provided a good cover for them as they walked down the empty streets. Guards from the kingdom were out and about making sure no trouble came. Giah followed slowly behind Kira, both wore cloaks and a large hood covered their faces. As they reached the gates that lead to the castle the guards surrounded the both of them.

"What business do you have hear at such an hour?" one of the guards asked.

"Prince Kai has called for us, you are to let us in right away," Kira said as she walked up to the guard and gave him a wink. He looked to the other guards then nodded. The large gates slowly opened and the guards made way.

"Go ahead," he said as Kira nodded to him and walked inside, Giah followed behind her confused. The guards bunched up in a group as they watched the two women enter.

"That Kai has some nerve," one of the guards mumbled.

"Hey did you see, that one girl that approached you," another said.

"Yeah what about her?"

"I couldn't really tell but I think she had blue hair, isn't that a bit strange?"

"Blue hair? Hey isn't that what thos-"

"Aw shut yer mouth, tis merely a rumor. Now shut yer yaps and get back to work."


"That was easy enough," Kira laughed taking one last look behind her at the guards.

"Uh exactly what just happened there?" Giah asked as she followed close behind Kira, she glanced at her seeing a small dagger hidden in her boots.

"I'd rather not explain the whole thing, let's just say that the Prince is gonna get what's coming to him," Kira said and glared at the approaching castle. It was large and overlooked the whole town that was under it. The two of them were now in a small forest that was right in front of the castle. Giah looked up ahead, they were nearing the castle, she had to escape now. In one quick move she lunged at Kira and knocked her to the ground.

"What the hell!" Kira shouted as she shoved Giah off and stood up,"Mind explaining what the hell you're doing?"

"Getting the hell away from you, I'm going inside by myself and then once I tell the guards that there are assasins in the kingdom they'll be after the three of you. I suggest you run," Giah said but Kira only moved towards her.

"I doubt that," she said and ran towards her, she stopped inches in front of her gasping. Looking down she saw Giah gripping the handle of her dagger, the blade was rammed deep into her side,"Wow...that was unexpected." She pulled the blade out of herself and walked slowly backwards. Giah dropped the dagger and looked to the castle then back to Kira then back to the castle.

"Unexpected? You kidnap me and don't expect me to pull something like that?" she said as Kira backed up against a tree and slumped to her knees.

"Heh guess I was wrong about you," Kira laughed put then her eyes rose sharply to the sky, to the light of the now full moon. The second her eyes caught site of it she threw her head back, letting out a painful cry. Giah backed up a bit watching as she thrashed around, taking this chance she ran straight towards the kingdom.


Kouri shot right out of bed when he heard a loud howl in the night. Racing to get his clothes on he heard yet another howl, this time it was much louder. Quickly tieing the sword to his belt he ran next door to Kaze's room. The second he entered Kaze's room he found him standing in the corner looking out that window. Kouri walked over to him and looked out the window and a chill ran down his spine.

"Looks like you miscalculated the moons cycles Kouri," Kaze said and quickly walked out of the room. Taking one last look at the full moon Kouri ran after him. The two of them ran as fast as they could down the street. As they reached the guards they made no signs of stoping. The guards all ran at them and were taken down one by one.

"Next time I'm keeping track of this stuff, damnit who knows where she could be now!" Kaze shouted as they bolted down the path towards the castle. A wolf's howl rose into the night leading them towards it's owner.

"Uh I'm not geinus but...there she is," Kouri laughed but got a glared from Kaze. The two of them rushed through the path.