Written by Felicia Spencer

AN: Sick of love? Yea me too. That's why I wrote this poem, and no I'm not
in the best of moods right now. So just enjoy the darn thing. TTFN.

I don't want love in my life
if it makes me feel this way
Heartbreak, tears and confusion
Plagues me everyday

I don't want to feel
The agony of defeat
Every time I look in your eyes
Making me feel incomplete

I don't want to give away
My heart to you once again
Not when we're going to break apart
Before we even begin

I don't want to feel love
No, not anymore
I'm sick of the pain it's putting me through
This pain I've felt once before

Now I just want solace
Since I can't have what I need
Love's a stranger to me now
So from love I take my leave

Feh I know it's short, and you're right. I just don't care.
Sidenote: To all my reviewers I'm not taking any of my frustrations out on
you guys. Ya know that I loves all of you's, but I'm just in a mood right
now. So please don't take my rantings seriously. I'll probably be out of my
lil funk tomorrow.....or someday. Anyways help me feel better, and review
this thing. Gotta go write more poems.