You are the sun.
Bright and shining,
every day rising,
smiling upon the world.
You are the sun.

You are the moon.
Waking in the darkness,
ever glowing starkly,
watching over me.
You are the moon.

You are a devil.
Dark and secretive,
ad hominem,
fiery and chaotic.
You are a devil.

You are an angel.
Holding me tightly,
kissing so quietly,
comforting with your arms.
You are an angel.

Sun and moon.
Devil and angel.
Opposites don't exist--

You are everything.

Author's Notes: I wrote this for Ryan again. I thought it was kind of a cool idea; opposites not existing within the same entity, I mean. Perhaps that was just me. But hey, cool if you caught it! ;) Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to review (much welcome)!
Date of Composition: Saturday, June 27, 2004