Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: This poem is unfortunately a true story. This happened in 1998, and
this guy I worked with totally screwed up my social life during that time
because other people thought that we were a couple. (Shudders) Ironically
I saw him again, and of course he started acting up again. Fortunately I
was able to escape, and now he's a distant memory. Gah at least I hope.
Anyway don't forget to R&R.

Gosh get a fricken clue
You're totally freaking me out
You follow me all around
What the heck is that about

You always want to hug me
Pretend that I'm your girl
Please step out of your fantasy dream
And back into the real world

My momma always told me
I'm too nice for my own good
If cussing you out would get rid of you
Then perhaps I really should

But I don't like to be rude
But you're forcing me to take that route
I'm so tempted to take you down
And it'll be all your fault

So please stop stalking me
Because I'm not scared of you
I've fought guys before and won
That winning's all I can do

So give it up already
And please catch this fricken clue
You and me will never be
I just want to get rid of you

So will you please go away
I don't want you, ya little midget
Find another weak feeble minded girl
And leave me alone you idiot