Super Girl.......nah I don't so
Written by Felicia Spencer

AN: Not one of my best, but truthfully I wasn't really trying. Just the
mood I'm in I guess. Just read and review and let me know what you think.

I'm not a superwoman
No magic powers here
I always tend to run away
Whenever there's something to fear

No one calls upon my name
When danger is all abound
Not even I feel protected
Whenever I'm around

I have no flight of fancy
No gemma rays to make me strong
I'm just a pathetic weakling
A weakling that don't belong

I can't be your superhero
When I'm as fragile as glass
I break apart at the tiniest things
I break apart much too fast

Sometimes I really wish
That I could fly away from it all
But since I have no super powers
I'm eventually going to fall

So don't expect me to have strength
To make men cower in defeat
So don't expect me to save the world
When my life's so incomplete

Don't expect me to leap from tall buildings
Or fly to the highest tower
Don't expect me to be your Super Girl
When I don't have any real powers