Self destruction
Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: This poem is about how a person virtually destroy's themselves by
wallowing in their own problems, and how other people make their problems
even worse by butting into their lives. Feh did that make any sense. You
can be honest. Anyway this poem is about someone on the brink of self
destruction.....and yea that's it. I think. Hopefully you guys/gals will
make some sense of this. I promise the poem will make more sense than this
AN. Enjoy. Oh and review this for me. Please. TTFN.

I'm so very tired
Of being around this place
It seems as if these burdens
Are always in my face

I try to be a stronger woman
But it's useless in the end
I want to be cold and distant
But I always makes amends

But that's just the thing
Tell me why should I be so nice
I'm always the one
Making the sacrifice

I never get my just rewards
So tell me what's the use
I'm sick of living my life like this
And that's the honest truth

Some people call me bitter
Some people call me mean
Some people try to justify
Their problems with me it seems

Well stay away from me
I don't need you in my life
For now I want this despair
And to revel in it's strife