For my brother Allen...

(This is Reggie, Reggie goes to school, I am Reggie)

A lot of siblings fight
And know nothing of each other,
But you know my biggest fear
And I know your favorite color.

I know the name of that girl you like
And you know that I'm obsessed with Blink 182,
And I know you're only kidding when you say
"I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" ...right?

Sure, we do argue
And sometimes you really make me mad,
But I never hold it against you
Or ever mention things you've done to me
To make you feel sad.

No, I don't mention things...
Like that time you hurled that lamp at me,
Or that incident with the baseball bat,
Or that time you bit me on the back,
No, I never mention things like that.

And I know I'm a pain in your ass sometimes
I've done my share to you.
But just like when we were little:
We're stuck together like glue.

And I want you to know how much you mean to me
For always being there and sticking by,
And for all the favors you've done,
And for always telling me to try,

And for that time I was short
And you covered the cost,
And for keeping me from having a panic attack
That time I got us lost.

Some siblings don't like each other
But for us that's not the case
Even though I screamed myself hoarse at you
When you threw those scissors at my face

Yeah, we're quite a pair I guess.
I'm a little 'Mest' up
And you have your moments too.
But in the end
You're more than just a brother,
You're my best friend too.

Just thought I'd explain that weird title to you, since only my
brother would get it. It's just this little weird, 'makes no sense' saying
my brother and I would say to each other when we were little to make each
other laugh. We have no clue now if we just made it up or if we heard it
somewhere, but we definitely do remember it made us laugh. Times were good
when you were five. Oh yes, good times.