A/N: I wrote this while listening to "Who Wants to Live Forever" by Queen.
It's one of those songs I haven't heard in a while, yet can always make me
cry. Part of the bridge is from that song. I don't own. You don't sue.
Dedicated to everyone that's ever experienced this, and everyone that has
ever sung for me.

The Song They Used to Play

(Verse 1)
Do you remember melodies
Played on the radio?
Lyrics from your long-lost youth
And truths from long ago
You usually knew all the words
And could always sing along
Even if you were out of key
And got the sentiments all wrong.
Do you remember?
Do you remember?

Played in elevators
And seedy cheap motels
That echoed like the tide
Within discarded shells
These memories, I find
Remain ever etched
Ever engraved
Sketched upon my mind.

(Verse 2)
You may have Ramones on vinyl
Eight tracks and CDs
But it's the feelings in those words
That brings you to your knees.
Those punk rock terms and "I love yous"
Mingle in your collection.
But the different genres manage
To mirror your soul's reflection.
Do you remember?
Do you remember?


(Verse 3)
They were your salvation
When you had to run away
Lennon and Cobain and others
Breathe new life today.
Those emotions transcend time
Just like a long-lost friend
Braving static signals
When you've problems to amend.
Do you remember?
Do you remember?

"There's no time for us
There's no place for us
What is this thing that builds our dreams
Yet slips away from us-"
Et Cetera.

(Verse 4)
They made you laugh and cry
Because the songs were yours.
Always tuggin' at your heartstrings
After you'd locked all doors.
"This one's dedicated to-"
And you'd pray to hear your name
Because these poets understood you
And maybe felt the same.
Do you remember?
I remember.

Always on my mind (3x fade out)