The Gift


Weeks have passed.
How long shall this pain last?
Sudden, unbearable pain across my back,
And my vision fades to black.
When my awareness does return,
I realize and finally learn,
That being bound
To the ground,
Is a thing of the past,
The day has come, finally, at last.
I will be

The blue heavens
They call to me.
They have gifted me
So that I might be

So I leap into the air.
I have no fear
That I might fall.
I trust the winds
To carry me.
They let me
Use my gift
To be

Soaring high above the Earth,
Swooping through the clouds with mirth,
Flying high through my own sheer will,
I look down and let my happy laughter spill.
I cannot help but feel

To explore unvisited territory,
And discover things unknown,
Is it a gift?
Or is it my curse?
Of which I do not know.
I do know
I must be

This freedom of motion
Is mine alone.
I cannot stand
To forever stay the land
I must be

It is a thing I wonder
Why can't every one,
In every land,
My destiny?
I must be


I spread my gift and leap into the air,
I look down and see them stare.

Some call me an angel.
Some call me a demon.
I smile and tell them "I am neither."

I am making a record of the things I know,
So that others will know the way to go.

I have become the master of the sky.
Its quite easy to see why.

I have yet to completely understand the sea.
When unraveling its blue-green tapestry of mystery,
My gift is often quite a hinderance to me.
But I Am Finally, Free.

I have recently discovered an ancient race,
They dwell within a secret place.
Their location is not one I'm going to say,
This world is not yet ready to understand their way.

They're willing to share with me knowledge of their own,
If I share with them, the things I have seen when I've flown.
The destiny question to them I am going to ask,
As soon as I complete what they've given me, a task.


I have undertaken the task,
Given by the ancient race.
What is taking away the green mask,
That is the future, present, and past of this place?

I wish that what I see, wasn't truly so,
I hate to see mankind let this place go.

Water dripping everywhere,
Rain flowing down the leafy stair,
Life shows up all around,
Although much is lost and may never be found.

Untouched by It's deadly spear,
Time is non-existent here.
Watching over this endangered land,
I realize the threat posed by the human hand.
This place's beauty is without a match,
Until Mankind opens its lockless latch.

Some people are ignorant of their actions,
They defy logic to erase, every trace, of this place,
Destroying many an unnamed race.

I take to the air quickly to avoid the oncoming rain,
Having obtained the knowledge I needed to gain.
I return to their distant location, quite weary,
I hope they can answer my destiny query.


I wish I could much longer stay.
I hope I'll be back another day.

I wish could stay and sleep,
Right next to my memory heap.

I know I must move on,
So hard, my childhood, gone.

I still have much yet to understand,
The mysteries of this place, so large and grand,
Yet very few of them, are of the land.

I do know all of the sea,
It's no longer a mystery, to me.

The only things I do not understand,
Are the people who walk upon the land.

I'm not a freak.
I do know how to speak

There is one question I'd like to ask,
Even if it would be my final task.

"Why do so many never truly see,
Anything except their own destiny?"