Waters of Eternal Calm

Dreams slowly unfold
as the stream calmly sleeps.
In stories never told
it secretly weeps.
Sunlight reflects upon
the clear surface.
Feel the past fade, gone-
lost in the dancing colours
without another trace.
Moss covered rocks right by
edges that barely ebbed.
Even with the passing of time....
nothing more can be said.
A gentle rustle from a breeze
hardly disturbs the mystery.
One leaf falls
drifts like
the circling ripples
that spreads and forever fades
Dreaming of magic that will stay
one that would not be led astray.
Forever held in a fantasy world
where the glistening trinkle
holds you in its allure.
Nothing will change
in the waters of eternal calm.
Trapped within its own enchantment,
living in a dream that goes on
and on..........