Strip Poker

I wait for words I'll never hear-
wasting my time.
You're part of mi life- just not this one.
I seek warmth in your eyes, warmth reserved for Chynna.
You've never been mine.
And that's just fine.
We're better as friends- best friends, maybe.
You wait for an answer I'll never give-
Wasting your breath.
We lead such different lives.
Don't you remember?
Once, your life was my life.
But my life has never been yours.

Wait for Me
"Wait for me," he said as he walked away.
"Wait, and I'll change for you."
So she sat underneath the tree each day,
Hoping he'd spoken truth.
She ignored the papers they handed her,
While staring into space.
The girlfriend proved to be even better,
'Till she'd not leave this place.
"He's not coming back!" she screamed to no one,
Because no one could hear.
Wasted years she prayed for him to come home.
"Wait for me," she said in tears.

Rock bottom

And I wish for what I'll never have-
You were all I lived for.
And I pray you'll whisper my name.
What do I have to do?
I thought I was okay,
But everything I do is a mistake to you.
Will I never be the dream you have?
And I hope for truth someday,
Like when everything was new.
I'm over you.
Is this what rock bottom feels like?